Dear Dragon – Story Time

Dear Dragon,

You are a clever and adorable child. In your current bedtime routine, I tell you a story while Mum feeds Pegasus. I give you three options and make something up. Sometimes you insist on telling me a story. Last night you did something new.

Dragon wearing a beautiful Beauty and the Beast themed pocket scarf.

Dragon: I want to tell you a story.

Papa: Okay, go ahead.

D: *Looks sternly at me* I have to tell you the options first.

So you gave me options and I settled on a “Sheep that wants to eat blueberries”.

D: I don’t know how it starts *Gives puppy dog eyes*

P: Well, there was once a sheep who wanted to eat blueberries.

D: Okay

P: So what happens next?

D: I don’t know.

P: *Happy to talk about story structures* What’s stopping the sheep from eating the blueberries?

D: I don’t know. *Smiles and settles in to listen*

P: *Oblivious and still thinking I’m helping* Well, maybe there’s a rabbit protecting the only blueberry bush. How does the sheep try to get by the rabbit?

D: *Grinning widely and looking innocent* I don’t know… How?

P: Maybe the sheep tries to… *finally catching on* Hey, wait a second. Are you trying to get me to tell you a second story?

D: Cackles madly. (Seriously you could give a Bond villain pointers.)

You spent the next five minutes laughing and asking for the rest of the story. I’ll tell it to you tonight. I have to say I’m impressed with your ability to guide me toward what you wanted.

You’re going to be great at getting people to open up and talk about things.

I love you, my clever little Dragon,