What a Croc!

This crocodile (or is it an alligator? I can never remember how to tell them apart!) was a cool little surprise in the shopping district of Disney Paris. Good thing it was only an animatronic – people kept putting their hands through the bars!

Back to Disney!

This is day 4 in Florida, and we went to EPCOT! Big surprise, the TARDIS was there as well! We spotted it in all sorts of unusual (or not so unusual) places. Here it is next to the iconic ball of EPCOT. It reminds me of a Bucky Ball, but I think that’s the Chemistry teacher in me. ^__^

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Jurassic TARDIS

Travelling from Hogwarts to the Jurassic era, the TARDIS took a break in front of a velociraptor of sorts. Yikes!

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In honour of the snow that is falling (and hopefully staying) on the ground today, my picture is of the Gryffindor snowman made in Hogsmeade. I have to say, it felt incredibly weird to be SO hot in Florida, but to be surrounded by snow in Hogsmeade.

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I have recently completed a new cell phone case for those Star Trek fans who love the Engineers! Who doesn’t love Scotty? Here it is:

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