Vote for the Travelling TARDIS

Hello Everyone,

My wife has worked hard over the years to take entertaining pictures of her awesome Travels of the crocheted TARDIS!.

This year it’s been nominated for an Aurora Award and I’d love to see it win.

Please, if you enjoy the pictures, go vote for the Travelling TARDIS in the category of Best Fan Writing and Publications.

There are only 2 days left to vote.


Thank you!


P.S. Everyone on the ballot is absolutely fantastic and deserves to win.

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Congratulations to Jen & The Travelling TARDIS

We discovered this weekend that Jen & The Travelling TARDIS were nominated for an Aurora Award in the category of “Best Fan Writing and Publications”.


The Travelling TARDIS is almost 7 years old and has 870 images. These include locations, celebrities, monuments, cosplayers, and cute babies.

Check out The Travelling TARDIS and go vote for it to win an Aurora Award.

P.S. Happy 9th wedding anniversary to Jen and Eric.

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The JenEric Newsletter

The following was originally posted on the JenEric Coffee Blog

Hello Coffee Lovers,

The best way to get information on New Products, Discount Codes, Events, and Sales is through the JenEric Newsletter:

The Newsletter comes out the first week of a new month and is packed with information about coffee and all our other products.

This week’s will have a special discount on our Coffee Club Subscription.

JenEric Gourmet Coffee is part of the JenEric Designs Family, which includes the following:

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Throwback Thursday – TARDIS Collage

Hello Everyone,

The last few weeks I’ve been on a mad dash to create promotional material for JenEric Designs and all its facets. This will eventually lead into an awesome new website redesign.

One of the things I did was create a Collage for the Travelling TARDIS. At the end of August the TARDIS will have been travelling for four years. It and it’s stunt doubles have been to three continents, met two Doctors, four Companions, two Supermans and countless others.

traveling tardis

It’s been a great four years and that’s just the beginning. If you’d like to order your very own travelling TARDIS you can can commision one in our store. The Large one is a foot and the small one is three-quarters of a foot.

Let’s hope the TARDIS flies on for many years to come.

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Recommendation Monday – Cakes by Tee

Photo by Cakes by Tee


Small change to this weeks schedule. The Travelling TARDIS will post Tuesday and Thursday and I’ll be putting stuff up Monday and Friday. Stay tuned for a special Contest on Wednesday.

Cakes by Tee

I’ve been following the amazing Cakes by Tee since they had 300 likes on Facebook and salivating at each new cake, cupcake, and cake pop. The cakes looked so good that I was desperately looking for a reason to commission something. So when Jen, my wife, decided to have a party for her 30th, I decided she needed a good cake. Her favourite flavour is spice cake and I saw that Cakes by Tee offered an apple spice cake and knew I had to get Jen an Applejack pony cake.

Here’s what Cakes by Tee made:

Photo by Cakes by Tee


Isn’t it pretty?

The cake was light and fluffy and Cakes by Tee was extremely accommodating with my requests. It was nut free which is awesome and the price included delivery,

I loved the cake as did everyone at the party.

If you’re in the Ottawa region and need a cake. Contact them and get the best!

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