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I haven’t posted book review in a while. The reason is simple. I’ve been reading A Clash of Kings. It’s HUGE!

I had a dream last night. It was nothing like the following scene but the idea of a princess called Little Dagger interested me.

The guards walked by, she held her breath. If one of them looked down and to the right, they would see her hiding in the crevice.

“This part of the castle has been abandoned forever. Why do we even patrol up here Allan?” asked the younger of the two.

“The king wants to make sure no one gets in from the broken part of the wall,” Allan Gestured towards the wall to his left. The wall towered over the castle. In the morning, it cast a shadow over the entire city. The wall was ancient and said to keep hoards of human eating monsters from escaping into the tame lands.

Over time, cracks had appeared in the wall, rain and storms wore away, making them bigger. This crack was the biggest and could fit a person inside, it reached down to the tallest tower in the castle. Most cracks were fixed quickly but this one was low on the list priorities, since it was in sight of the bulk of the king’s army.

“No one could jump that, even a monster. Do you think the king still believes the old wives tales of monsters?” asked the younger.

“He fixes the wall, doesn’t he,” answered Allan. They continued to talk as they walked away.

Letting go of her breath, Taika, tied her long amber hair into a ponytail. She was wearing her best running boots and travelling cloak. In her pack were bits of food she’d been keeping for this purpose. She had counted it slowly and made sure she had enough for two days. She’d also brought a dinner knife, she’d been able to hide away, and a long rope.

The young one didn’t believe someone could jump the gap between the tower and the wall, but he hadn’t seen her jump. She was sure she could make it. Taking a deep breath, she ran and jumped off the tower. As she soared over the street, she felt like a bird. She was flying high and far, she was so close to the crack.

Her fingertips barely brushed the crack in the wall. She could see her goal disappear as she fell. She saw the people below, small as ants. Suddenly, the vendors’ booths were rushing towards her at incredible speed and she barely had time to realize she was going to die before the ground reached up to grab her. She closed her eyes.

When the wind stopped roaring in her ears and still nothing happened. She risked opening one eye. Her nose was an inch away from the deep brown earth of the vendor’s square. She turned her head and saw her father standing with his arms outstretched towards her. With a quick gesture of his hands, she was standing up in front of him.

The kings face was stern as he said, “You are not a bird, little dagger. Why were you trying to fly?” His beard and hair were the same colour as her hair, only his was heavily speckled with grey. His eyes, like hers, were a dark green. What her mother called storm eyes.

“I wanted to see what was on the other side of the wall,” she responded blushing as people around her gasped in horror. No one wanted to go beyond the wall.

A few tense seconds passed as everyone starred at them, the stern king and rebellious child princess. Finally, the King broke the silence with a deep joyful laugh. “At your age I would sneak into the kitchens for treats, but you try to sneak beyond the wall, where our greatest heroes have feared entering for the past ten generations.” He laughed again and hugged her.

Picking her up and putting her on his broad shoulders he said, “Maybe someday you’ll venture beyond the wall, but for now, don’t leave your mother and I, alone. Ok?” She giggled until she realized her mother would be much angrier than he was. Anticipating her thoughts he said, “Yes Little Dagger, we do have to tell her. She’ll find out anyways. Better it comes from us.”

“Daddy, why do you call me little dagger?” She knew the answer but loved to hear him say it.

“When I was a younger man, they called me the dagger of Maneea. Because I was thin, strong, and my words were as sharp as any blade,” he paused. “When you were born, everyone thought you’d look just like her mother, with her raven hair and eyes as blue as the oceans but you looked just like me. As you grew up you proved to be just as smart, thin, and strong.”

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