Network Television Draft 2017-2018

Dear Imaginary Friends,

For the past five years I’ve run a Television Draft / Pool. It’s like a football or hockey pool but with new television shows.


How It Works

  1. Get a bunch of friends over to your house and watch all the trailers for this year’s new network television shows. (List below)
  2. Everyone pays $5. (You can use pretend money or no money at all)
  3. Divide the amount of shows by the amount of people. (There are 53 this year)
  4. Put everyone’s name in a hat, chip bowl, or other receptor.
  5. Pick a name from the receptor and that person gets first pick. Record what that person chooses and have them pick the next name.
  6. Reverse the order of people who picked. (First goes last, last goes first)
  7. Repeat steps 5-6 until everyone has an equal number of shows picked.
  8. Give updates monthly for how well the shows are doing. I recommend TV LineTV By The Numbers, Is My Show Cancelled, and TV Eh? for checking what is and what isn’t cancelled.
  9. At next year’s Draft give this year’s First place 50% of the money collected, Second place 30%, and Third place 20%.

The Points

Points are awarded by how many episodes air and if it’s renewed. All points are tied to the category of the show.

Categories Points Per Episode Aired Renewal Bonus
Traditional American (18-24 Episodes) 1 10
Mini-Series (6-14 Episodes) 2 10
Mid-Season Traditional (6-12 Episodes) 2 15
Unknown /Summer (4+ Episodes) 2 20

The Shows

There are enough shows this season that you could easily play 3-15 people. More if you let 2 people choose the same shows.

Name Network Anticipated Premiere Genre Category Trailer
9-1-1 Fox Midseason Procedural Midseason Description
9JKL CBS 2017-10-02 Sitcom Traditional Trailer
A.P. Bio NBC Unknown School Comedy Unknown Description
Alex, Inc. ABC Unknown Office Sitcom Unknown Trailer
Alias Grace CBC 2017-09-25 Historical Murder Miniseries (6) Trailer
Black Lightning CW Midseason Superhero Midseason Trailer
Burden of Proof  CBC 2018-Winter Legal Drama Miniseries (10) Description
By the Book CBS Midseason Spiritual Drama Midseason Description
Caught  CBC 2018-Winter Legal Drama Miniseries (5) Description
Champions NBC Unknown Sitcom Unknown Description
Crawford  CBC 2018-Winter Family Sitcom Miniseries (15) Description
Deception ABC Unknown Procedural Unknown Trailer
Dynasty CW 2017-10-11 Soap Opera Traditional Trailer
For the People ABC Unknown Legal Drama Unknown Trailer
Frankie Drake Mysteries  CBC Unknown Period Detective Miniseries (11) Description
Ghosted Fox 2017-10-01 Supernatural Traditional Trailer
Good Girls NBC Midseason Crime Drama Midseason Description
Inhumans ABC 2017-09-29 Superhero Traditional Trailer
Instinct CBS Midseason Crime Drama Midseason Description
Kevin (Probably) Saves the World ABC 2017-10-03 Fantasy Drama/Comedy Traditional Trailer
L.A. to Vegas Fox Midseason Flight Sitcom Midseason Trailer
Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders NBC 2017-09-26 True Crime Drama Miniseries Trailer
Life Sentence CW Unknown Comedy Drama Unknown Trailer
Little Dog  CBC 2018-Winter Boxing Comedy Miniseries (7) Description
Me, Myself & I CBS 2017-09-25 Comedy Traditional Trailer
Reverie NBC Unknown SciFi Procedural Miniseries (10) Description
Rise NBC Unknown School Drama Miniseries (10) Description
S.W.A.T. CBS 2017-11-02 Police Drama Traditional Trailer
SEAL Team CBS 2017-09-27 Military Drama Traditional Trailer
Splitting Up Together ABC Unknown Family Sitcom Unknown Trailer
Star Trek: Discovery CBS 2017-09-24 Science Fiction Miniseries Trailer
Ten Days in the Valley ABC 2017-10-01 Thriller Traditional Trailer
The Brave NBC 2017-09-25 Military Drama Traditional Trailer
The Crossing ABC Unknown SciFi Thriller Unknown Trailer
The Details CTV Unknown Detective Series Miniseries (10) Description
The Disappearancef CTV Unknown Detective Series Unknown Description
The Gifted Fox 2017-10-02 Superhero Miniseries (10) Trailer
The Good Doctor ABC 2017-09-25 Medical Drama Traditional Trailer
The Indian Detective CTV Unknown Procedural Unknown Trailer
The Mayor ABC 2017-10-03 Political Sitcom Traditional Trailer
The Orville Fox 2017-09-10 SciFi Comedy Traditional Trailer
The Resident Fox Unknown Medical Drama Unknown Trailer
Unspeakable CBC 2018-Winter Historical Drama Miniseries (8) Description
Untitled Grey’s Anatomy Spinoff ABC Unknown Firefighter Drama Unknown Description
Valor CW 2017-10-09 Military Drama Traditional Trailer
Wisdom of the Crowd CBS 2017-10-01 Procedural Drama Traditional Trailer
Young Sheldon CBS 2017-09-25 Family Sitcom Traditional Trailer

Good Luck!

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