Network Television Draft 2019-2020

Hello My Imaginary Friends and TV Lovers,

For the past 7 years I’ve hosted and run a TV Draft / Pool. It’s like a football or hockey pool but with new television shows.

How It Works

  1. Get a bunch of friends over to your house and watch all the trailers for this year’s new network television shows. (List below)
  2. Everyone pays $5. (You can use pretend money or no money at all)
  3. Divide the amount of shows by the amount of people. (There are 43 this year)
  4. Put everyone’s name in a hat, chip bowl, or other receptor.
  5. Pick a name from the receptor and that person gets first pick. Record what that person chooses and have them pick the next name.
  6. Reverse the order of people who picked. (First goes last, last goes first)
  7. Repeat steps 5-6 until everyone has an equal number of shows picked.
  8. Give updates monthly for how well the shows are doing. I recommend TV LineTV By The Numbers, Is My Show Cancelled, and TV Eh? for checking what is and what isn’t cancelled. Although Wikipedia works well too.
  9. At next year’s Draft give this year’s First place 50% of the money collected, Second place 30%, and Third place 20%.

The Points

Points are awarded by how many episodes air and if it’s renewed. All points are tied to the category of the show.

CategoriesPoints Per Episode AiredRenewal Bonus
Traditional American (18-24 Episodes)110
Mini-Series (6-14 Episodes)210
Mid-Season Traditional (6-12 Episodes)215
Unknown /Summer (4+ Episodes)220

The Shows

NameNetworkAnticipated PremiereGenreCategoryTrailer
EmergenceABC2019 – Fallmystery thriller-dramaTraditional Trailer
For LifeABC2020 – Winterlegal dramaMid-season TraditionalDescription
Mixed-ishABC2019 – Fallsingle-camera sitcomTraditional Trailer
StumptownABCUnknowncrime dramaUnknownTrailer
The Baker & The BeautyABC2020 – Winterromantic musical comedy-dramaMid-season TraditionalDescription
United We FallABC2020 – WintersitcomMid-season TraditionalDescription
EndlingsCBC2020 – Wintersci-fi adventureMid-Season TraditionalDescription
Fortunate SonCBCUnknownspy dramaMiniseries (8)Description
Kingdome ForceCBCUnknownanimated adventureUnknownDescription
TallboyzCBCUnknownsketch comedyMiniseries (8)Description
The SoundsCBCUnknownthrillerMiniseries (8)Description
The TricksterCBCUnknowncoming of age dramaMiniseries (6)Description
All RiseCBS2019-09-23dramaTraditional Trailer
Bob ♡ AbisholaCBS2019-09-23sitcomTraditional Trailer
BrokeCBS2020 – WintersitcomMid-season TraditionalTrailer
Carol’s Second ActCBS2019-09-26sitcomTraditional Trailer
EvilCBS2019-09-26supernatural dramaTraditional Trailer
FBI: Most WantedCBSUnknowncrime drama / spinoffUnknownTrailer
The UnicornCBS2019-09-26sitcomTraditional Trailer
TommyCBS2020 – WinterdramaMid-season TraditionalTrailer
TransplantCTVUnknownmedical proceduralMiniseries (13)Description
BatwomanCW2019-10-06superheroTraditional Trailer
Katy KeeneCWUnknownmusical comedy-dramaUnknownTrailer
Nancy DrewCW2019-10-09mystery dramaTraditional Trailer
9-1-1: Lone StarFox2020-01-19crime dramaMid-season TraditionalDescription
Almost FamilyFox2019-10-02dramaTraditional Trailer
Bless the HartsFox2019-09-29animated comedyTraditional Trailer
DeputyFoxUnknownwestern procedural dramaUnknownTrailer
DuncanvilleFoxUnknownanimated sitcomUnknownDescription
Filthy RichFox2019-01-00serialized satirical dramedy Mid-season TraditionalTrailer
NeXtFox2020 – WinterdramaMid-season TraditionalTrailer
OutmatchedFox2019-01-00family sitcomMid-season TraditionalTrailer
Prodigal SonFox2019-09-23dramaTraditional Trailer
The Great NorthFoxUnknownanimated sitcomUnknownTrailer
Bluff City LawNBC2019-09-23dramaTraditional Trailer
Council of DadsNBC2020 – WinterdramaMid-season TraditionalDescription
IndebtedNBC2020 – WintersitcomMid-season TraditionalDescription
LincolnNBC2020 – WinterdramaMid-season TraditionalDescription
Perfect HarmonyNBC2019-09-26musical comedyTraditional Trailer
SunnysideNBC2019-09-26comedyTraditional Trailer
The Kenan ShowNBCUnknownsingle-camera sitcomUnknownDescription
Zoey’s Extraordinary PlaylistNBC2020 – Wintermusical fantasy dramedyMid-season TraditionalDescription

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