Voting is Now Open

Hello Readers and Imaginary Friends,

Voting for the Aurora’s is now open until September 14th.

You still have time to get the voter’s package and vote for your favourites!

I hope you’ll consider The Travelling TARDIS and The Sign of Faust when you’re voting.

The Sign of Faust

The Sign of Faust is available at Amazon and Renaissance Press.

Elizabeth Coderre solves mysteries. Magic, wizards, and killer kittens didn’t stop her last semester. Now someone is trying to kill her in absurdly complicated ways, she’s hearing voices, her best friends are constantly fighting despite being madly in love, and the desires of Baker City’s residents are becoming reality. Can she find out who’s trying to kill her and discover the source of everyone’s luck, while navigating dating, concerts, school, and competing in the science Olympics? She can only wish… and you know what they say about wishes!

The Travelling TARDIS

The Travelling TARDIS moves, with the power of timey-yarney crochet, through time and space visiting and taking pictures with cosplayers, landmarks, celebrities, and cute babies.

Sign up, get ebooks, read, and vote for your favourites before September 14th. It’s a great deal and you’ll love the books.

So go to and click on the “Become a Member” button.

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