Cooking with a 4 year old

Hello My Imaginary Friends,

Part of How I Taught my Dragon has been cooking food inspired by the movie and culture of the week. We’ve done cake, coconut cookies, Conchas, and pork buns.

My goals with this is to show her how easy cooking can be and how rewarding. I’m showing her how to follow a recipe, what flavours go together, fractions, and basic kitchen skills.

The most complex thing we did was this past week with pork buns based off of Abominable. There’s a short from the movie that gives you basic instructions on how to make the dough.

Like I said, very basic. I had to find a separate recipe for bbq pork. I decided that I should make it pulled pork style so I had to quadruple the recipe. Then I had to improvise the basic method and length of cooking for the dough. That means it was a 3 day recipe. (1 day to marinate the pork shoulder, 1 day to cook it, and finally another day to make the buns.)

They turned out pretty good but I learned some important things:

  1. Find a way to taste the food before you make it.
  2. Keladry loves working with dough even if she hates playdough.

I have never tasted real pork buns and I’m not sure I did it right. The dough from the video is a little too salty for my taste and I didn’t realize I needed to add extra sauce inside them.

If you’re hoping the make the recipe, it takes about 20-25 minutes to cook in a rice steamer or vegetable steamer.

The most important thing I got out of it was how excited Keladry was to have made her own pork buns. She did a lot for these, measured and dumped ingrediants for marinade and the dough, kneaded, rolled, cut, and stuffed the buns. She also sat with me and listened while I did the rest.

I’ve been cooking with her since she was old enough to sit on the kitchen stool, but for école I’m giving her a lot more control and work. She’s doing great.

Be safe and be kind,


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