Week 12 – Frozen 1 Results

Virtual school was much better this week (seems to be on an alternating schedule – one week good, one week bad). Dragon was disappointed to not be called on to name the days of the week, but when I pointed out that they already knew that she knew them, she was happier. She got to sing the Bonjour song, and then she was asked to sing the Automne song, which she hadn’t been asked before. She really didn’t want to do it, but unmuted her microphone and whispered along with Mme Houria. I was very proud of her for trying something new.

They reviewed the letter L, and Dragon volunteered the word “livre”. Not surprised. She loves her books. Then she wrote it down, with me only helping to sound out the word, not specifically telling her the letters.

During recess and lunch, we built a gingerbread house, and I took a picture to upload it to the Classroom so she could present it after lunch. Mme Samaké was thinking on the same wavelength as I was, because she had the pictures uploaded before I or Dragon even had to say a word! They had Dragon describe the picture (a maison gingerbread!) and then I asked her to mention what she did with the lights (I made the lights a suite!) The teachers thought she was saying sweet, but were very impressed when they realized she was saying suite (pattern). They had her list the suite in the lights and in the roof. Then they asked other kids the same thing. Then they asked Dragon about the formes (shapes) that she could see. (I hadn’t really covered that with her…something I remedied on Wednesday!) But she surprised me – when prompted if she could see any triangles, she said an arbre de noel! I was very impressed with her.

She danced with Yoshi during the physical exercise portion of virtual school during the Mario song. It makes me laugh.

We had parent-teacher interviews this week, and while Dragon is doing well, her vocabulary needs strengthening. To help with this, the teachers suggested that she watch a show in French, so we’re going to start watching one episode of Vampirina a day. We started this on Friday. She says she didn’t understand any of it, but at the very least she’s being exposed to more French?

Homeschool went well this week:


No martial arts again this week (seems to be a trend, but Éric has been busy with coffee roasting), but she did ballet 2-3 times this week.


Her letters are doing well, but she needs to work on the counting of full, half, and quarter notes and rests, so my mom is going to work on that when she visits during the week. Eighth notes/rests are great. She did all three pieces she knows and did well. She’s getting better at recognizing the notes on the staff and played the long piece with reading the staff.

We listened to French Christmas music this week. (obviously)


We did a little bit of crochet this week, after over a month of no crocheting. It went as well as can be expected lol.

Basic Information

Working on the days of the week verbally is going well. She remembers without prompting, and can tell me the day before and the day after any given day. The months of the year is also going excellently. All months have proper pronounciation now, and we’re working on the month before and after any given month.

The saisons de l’année are going well. She’s got automne, hiver, and été, but still has trouble remembering printemps. (no change from last week)

Printing words

Her tracing is going very well, but her small letters are iffy. This is a work in progress.

Counting objects/math-type activities

She seems to be struggling with printing her numbers, which I find odd.

Her verbal counting in French is going well. She’s fairly consistent up to 14, then needs help with 15-16-17, can get 18 and 19, but needs helps with 20. I’m happy with her progress.


We read stories from the teacher’s outline that was sent to us on Monday. She enjoyed that, and we will continue to do it next week.


Make paper snowflakes – She really enjoyed this. I needed to help her cut through the thickness of the folded paper (we just used regular printer paper), but she told me where to cut and how long a cut to make, and she cut the edges. She also did the folding.

Experiment with states of matter: solid/liquid/gas (make an ice cube) – We decided to freeze water into an ice cube, and then melt it back into water to show a physical change. She saw the liquid to gas change happen when we boiled water for the following activity.

Make rock candy – we were so very looking forward to this. However, the receipe I had didn’t say when to stop adding sugar, and we were able to add an extra cup and 3/4 more than we should have been able to. So we ended up with solid sugar in our glasses!

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