Covid, Allergies, or Covid

Hello my Imaginary Friends,

I do not currently have Covid.

This post is for me to rant, I do not need advice or help.

I feel like crap. I’ve been off work for the past few days because I can barely handle day to day things.

I know what’s wrong… mostly. My allergies are going wild. The combination of inside dust (four people in a house cause a lot of dust) plus seasonal allergies are causing me issues. I need to see my allergist about getting back on the shots. But I’m not doing that until I have my vaccinations.

My allergies manifest as fatigue, weakness, itchy everything, brain fog, and a harder time breathing.

Visual representation of how hard it can be to breath sometimes.

I also know that there’s something else making things worse. I’m just not sure if it’s the results of a year’s worth of anxiety and stress, or if it’s Long Term Covid side-effects.

When we came back from Disney last year in early February, Pegasus and I had a flu-cold-thing that had a lot of the symptoms of Covid. Ottawa didn’t test for it at the time, so we can’t be sure. However, my lung capacity and energy never really fully recovered. Again, this could be a stress response too. My father in-law also caught the cold, and when he got his vaccine he had some serious flu like symptoms for over a day. I’ve heard that happens to people who’ve had Covid, so maybe we did have it.

Hopefully the vaccine will help with the worsening, but that’s a ways away.

So if you’re dealing with me, please be patient. I’m working at reduced spoons and reduced brain power.

Stay safe and be kind,


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