Guitar Lessons Part 25

Nov 23: Melodies

I feel like I’m taking a crash course in learning what notes are where on the treble clef and where they are on the guitar.

I’m still super slow, but I could hear the tunes well enough today. I played Christmas music.

I should pull out my flute music and try playing it next time. That would be nice to hear it again.

Nov 24: Not much to report

I enjoyed playing today. I did the learning app songs first and then played songs with chords.

My kids seem to have gotten used to me playing and they spent most of my practice time upstairs in my daughter’s room playing with puzzles.

I guess I’m not interesting anymore. 🤣

Nov 25: Greensleeves

The challenge for the week in my learning app is a level 4 chord version of Greensleeves.

It’s so super fast and doesn’t sound like Greensleeves at all to me. And it has the dreaded F chord in it.

But I passed it on the first try, which I consider quite an accomplishment, tbh.

I didn’t have much time to play today, so I mostly played songs from the learning app and then Get to Know You.

Nov 26: Piano music

Today I brought up my Fellowship of the Rings piano music book. I have it because I would play the melody on the flute, way back when I was playing flute.

I very slowly played several of the songs. I feel like it’s getting a little easier to read both the music and the fret board.

I also played Get to Know You. Because of course I did.

Nov 27: Christmas ukulele

I forgot to play during the day today, so I grabbed the soprano uke after dinner tonight, and my husband grabbed our tenor, and we played some Christmas songs from our ukulele app together for about twenty minutes.

It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it.

Nov 28: I wrote the chords!

I decided that bringing the guitar to my parent’s tonight involved too many spoons, so I played it before we left instead.

I started off with the learning app before played a few Christmas songs from the ukulele app.

I played Get to Know You twice and then I mustered up the courage to try to figure out the chords for the wedding song.

And omg I did it!!

I sent it off to my music mentor to take a look at, but omg it sounded so nice. I think. I recorded it once, but I haven’t listened to it, and no, you don’t get to listen to it either because I made a lot of mistakes.

But soon, hopefully!

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