Guitar Lessons Part 36

Jan 28: Sooooo… Oops?

Remember how yesterday I printed out the ballad and I was anxious about putting music to it?

Yeah, so that happened today.

I mean… It’s not all that impressive, really. I only needed to figure out the chords for one verse and they apply to all the rest. And then the chorus. But yeah.

It’s done. Took me like… Five minutes? Maybe ten?

If someone tells me that it’s impossible for my character to come up with music in such a short time, I’m going to shrug and say that I did it.


I did it.

I also played my other two songs.

And I played Ce mur qui nous sépare. It definitely needs work, but omg I love it so much.

Super encouraging day today.

Jan 29: Progress!

I played my three songs today.

The first one went well, except I skipped the bridge for some reason? I don’t know, I don’t understand why.

The second one went well. I paid attention to my rhythms and I think I kept them straight.

The third one went really well, IMO. This was my second time playing it. I got tripped up on the chord changes in a couple places, so I marked up my lyrics sheet to try to help me remember for tomorrow.

Then I played the French song twice; once with the actual song so that I could try to get the rhythms, once without. It went even better than yesterday. The lyrics tripped me up a couple times… They’re very fast and my French isn’t fantastic, but I did better than yesterday, so I’m counting it as a win.

Overall, a good day of practicing.

Jan 30: Excited

I played my songs again today… I say as if I’m going to skip playing them…

Making the notations on the third song really helped with playing it. I made way fewer mistakes today. I’m enjoying the progress.

I also played the French song today without listening to it first, and it went really well. I played it a little bit slower so that I could sing all the words, but I still messed up in a couple places. That’s ok, it gives me something to work on.

I’m very pleased with today’s practice.

Oh, and my kids begged me to play Encanto songs, so I played those too. I really need to learn the B chord.

Jan 31: Gah

Do you know what’s frustrating about practicing guitar?

When my children decide to start doing things they know they’re not supposed to because they think I can’t pay attention to the music and them at the same time.


I played my three songs. They went well, despite needing to pause several times. (Get off the bookcase, get out of the kitchen, stop touching Papa’s laptop, no you’re not allowed upstairs or downstairs without an adult you’re only 2, get away from Papa’s work computer… All things they know they’re not supposed to do.) 🙄

I played the French song, too. As my husband pointed out, I’m playing it more confidently. That’s nice to hear. I still stumbled over my words a few times, but I did better in some places that I stumbled yesterday.

Then I asked my kids for what songs they wanted to hear. Surprisingly, they did not ask for Encanto. Lol

Anyways, despite distractions, I feel like I had a productive practice today.

Feb 1: It’s a new month

I forgot to say the other day, but it was my 7 month anniversary on the 29th of January for playing guitar.

Observation: my right ring fingernail gets worn down more often than the others. I think I hold it a little bit lower than the rest.

I played my songs today. I still can’t quite get over the fact that they came from my head.

The ballad is kinda weird compared to the others. Because the style of song is primarily to tell a story, there’s dialogue in it! So that’s really different and feels awkward.

My husband gave me the idea to write a song for our next book (the cousin of Tommy, the songwriter in my books) so I’ll be thinking about that for the next little while. Randal (the new character) will be making up a walking song on the spot, so that should be fun to write. He’s been playing music since he was really young, so he’s got that as an advantage over Tommy, who’s only been playing for a year (at the end of the second book). I definitely relate more to Tommy than Randal in that respect!

Feb 2: Short fingernails

My right thumbnail ripped yesterday. Not painfully so, thankfully, but still quite low.

I rely on my fingernails a lot when I strum, apparently. So today’s practice was interesting until I got used to that.

I played my songs. I’ve decided I’m going to try to add full music to the first one. Initially I had it very basic at the beginning of the song because the character hadn’t had a chance to write the music, so he was testing things out. But I like the idea of having full music for it.

When I was putting everything away, I smushed a tiny part of my left thumb in the music stand. I have a blood blister now. It hurts.

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