Guitar Lessons Part 47

Apr 2: Nope

Too much pain in my shoulder today. I couldn’t lift my arm so I thought it was wise to not aggravate it further.

I did put a heat pack on it and that helped somewhat.

Apr 3: Short

I played for about fifteen minutes today.

My shoulder still hurts, but nothing like yesterday.

I played two songs from the learning app. I did okay on them.

Then I played my first two songs. I decided not to play the ballad because it’s got a LOT more strumming and I hold my shoulder with more tension than I really should.

Apr 4: Slow recovery

My shoulder is feeling better, but not even close to 100%.

So I played mountain king (with great success. Not a complete pass, but I’m very happy with my progress) and my first two songs.

Apr 5: Pretty

My shoulder still aches, so I did minimal practising today.

Mountain king did not go as well as yesterday. Very frustrating.

My songs sounded really pretty though.

I’m thinking of adding some chords to Get to Know You. Not the version that my character plays, obviously, since he’s making it up on the fly, but to the “professional” version. I find it very repetitive right now, with just C chords. So I’ll try mixing it up a bit and see what happens.

Oh, and irl news; last night I was poking about on the internet and I found the pre-order link for Assassins! Accidental Matchmakers on Indigo!! (For those of you not in Canada, that’s our national bookstore chain.)

I’m not sharing the link here yet because there’s no cover on it, and no ebook version available yet, but it’s there!! In print!

I knew it would be exciting, but I didn’t expect it to feel quite this overwhelming.

I also found out, after talking to the publisher, that the cover reveal will be happening at the end of April*. There’ll be a virtual party. You’re all invited. 🎉

In light of how excited I am about seeing the pre-order, I’ll do another AMA about my book. So AMA! I want to talk about it!!

*Pre-launch party will be happening in August, not April. Details to come.

Apr 6: Another break

I’m sorry my posts are so boring this week. I’m trying really hard not to overwork my shoulder and yet it’s still hurting. 🙁

Apr 7: Back at it

I played for about ten minutes today and my shoulder is aching a bit.

I played mountain king first. I almost failed because my son grabbed the fretboard and that messed me up for way longer than it should have. I’m more annoyed with myself than him.

He knows that if he wants to play with my guitar, he needs to ask first. Two year olds. 🙄

Then I played Get to Know You. I messed about with the second verse, trying to figure out some different chords to insert into it. I pencilled some in. I’ll see what it sounds like when I play it tomorrow.

Then I thought I’d be okay to play the wedding song.

I probably shouldn’t have pushed it.

This is so frustrating.

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