Guitar Lessons Part 57

June 3: New uke

We bought a new soprano ukulele. The old one was losing its tune by the end of a song. I’m not sure about this new one yet. The strings haven’t settled.

I played the song that came with it “House of the Rising Sun” and the walking song.

I look forward to testing it more tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll like it better.

June 4: Bonus

I asked my son to get my music for me today. He brought up some books too (not surprised. There’s a reason I don’t ask him to get it very often).

Today I played three instruments (not all at the same time).

I started with the electric. I played the walking song, “Got that Feeling,” “Crazy little thing called love,” “Perfect,” and “Shake it off.”

Then I tried to play “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious,” but my electric is a full size guitar, and my fingers don’t stretch that far for the G7 chord.

So I put my electric away and grabbed my acoustic instead. I haven’t played my acoustic in a while. I missed it. So I played that mouthful of a song, and then I played the walking song again because I realized I hadn’t played it on the acoustic before.

And then I picked up the new soprano ukulele and tried to tune it again. Then I played the walking song for the third time today and checked the tuning, and it was fine! Yay!

Also yay: my arm doesn’t hurt too much!

June 5: Memorizing

I picked up the soprano ukulele just before lunch today and played the walking song.

Well, the first verse and the chorus.

I need to memorize the song.

I mean, I know the chords, because they’re pretty simple, but I don’t know the words yet!

June 6: Relief

I played the electric most today; the walking song, “Get to Know You,” the wedding song, the ballad, AND the French song.

And then I even picked up the soprano ukulele and played the walking song again.

And guess what?

My arm doesn’t hurt at all!

I’m not sure what happened or why, but I really hope this continues to be a trend.

June 7: Future

@ericdesmarais and I talked about our plans for the future of our songs.

As you may or may not know, all these songs I’ve been writing (there are 4 now and husband has written one) were written because of our books.

Our first book, “Assassins! Accidental Matchmakers” (available for pre-order, comes out September 15, 2022) does not have a song in it, but “Crushing It” (coming out spring 2023) has the first song I wrote in it.


We were thinking of releasing that song as a single after our first book comes out in the fall. As a way of drumming up interest, you know?

I’m a little nervous, but mostly excited about the idea.

I played the walking song, “Get to Know You,” and the wedding song on the electric, and then the walking song on the soprano ukulele.

June 8: Quick

I only played two songs today; the walking song and “Get to Know You”.

The practice went well. I was just tired.

We’re not having a great day today, all combined.

Sharing is awesome!

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