First Flight

Seeing as this blog documents the travels of the TARDIS, it would make sense to start at the beginning of the trip – in the airport!

This trip shall show the travels of this TARDIS to Florida, more specifically, Disney World and Universal Studios. At the end, there are a few pictures of Washington-Dulles airport, as we were stranded there for two days and I got bored. 😉

New blog!

I have just created a blog for documenting the travels of my crocheted TARDIS!

The background will change to a picture of it as soon as I get home to where all my pictures are! I knew I should have brought some with me, but I didn’t know I’d have time to make this today.

Over the course of the next  few months or so, I will update with pictures of my stuffed TARDIS on vacation in Florida, with a stop in Washington Dullas airport on the way home. (Our plane got cancelled twice!)

If you are interested in purchasing (or simply have questions) your very own stuffed crochet TARDIS, or crocheted TARDIS cellphone case, please contact me at with the subject line “crochet TARDIS”