Books and Timeline


A Study in Aether (Elizabeth Book 1) – Summer 2016

A Study in Aether

A Study in Aether is available at Amazon or Renaissance Press.

Parasomnia – Fall 2017


Parasomnia is available at Amazon and Renaissance Press.

The Sign of Faust (Elizabeth Book 2) – Spring 2018

The Sign of Faust is available at Amazon and Renaissance Press.

Everdome – 2019

Everdome is available as an Ebook or Hardcover at Renaissance Press’s Website. It’s Also available as an ebook at AmazonIndigo/Chapters, and Kobo.

A Case of Synchronicity – 2020

A Case of Synchronicity is available as a paperback and ebook at: Renaissance Press, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon. It’ll also be available as just an ebook from Kobo and Apple Books.

The Coffee Shop between the ‘Verses – 2021

The Coffee Shop between the ‘Verses will be available at Amazon and Renaissance Press.

Timeline (Aetherverse)

A lot of my books and stories are interconnected. I’ve called this The Aetherverse since magic is the main component linking them. As I add new books and stories I’ll make sure to add them to this list.

1985 July: A Case of Synchronicity

2010 Winter: Parasomnia

2014 September to December: A Study in Aether

2015 Winter to Spring: Everdome

2015 February to March: The Sign of Faust

2015 March: A Case of Synchronicity

2016 December: Night of the Sisters

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