Choose a Serial Story for 2016 (And some coffee news)

2016 Serial Story

Below is a list of possible Serial stories. PLEASE VOTE in the poll after the descriptions. The polls will be open for 2 weeks and I’ll announce the winner on the 26th of January and start the story in February.

[Edit: Poll will close at midnight January 20th. The lowest story will be eliminated.]

Faeries Vs Robots Vs Aliens

An Urban Fantasy / Science Fiction, following a faery woman who must do one last job for her robot overlords before they let her go free. Can she stop the aliens from invading or would they be better than the robots?

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The Cosmic Cuckoos

A Science Fiction adventure, following a girl who is trying to save her friend from becoming just another clone warrior. Can a normal human girl really save her friend from the most powerful empire in the galaxy?

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Wargrave Island

A Detective Mystery set on an island in lake Ontario, my homage to And Then There Were None by Agatha Christy. Can Detective Riko find whose killing her high school classmates and who will be left alive when the boat comes back for them? It’s going to be a straight mystery with no supernatural or fantastic elements.

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The Ruby Child

An Adventure Fantasy that borders on Steampunk. Mac was a decorated soldier of the Empire who left the army and became an airship pirate. He and his trusted crew think they have the perfect way to stick it to the Empire, steal a magical ruby they’ve been protecting. It’s a trap set by Mac’s ex-best friend General Lanthier. Neither side could predict what happens when Mac touches the ruby.

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What do you want 2016's Serial Story to be?

  • Wargrave Island (57%, 4 Votes)
  • The Ruby Child (29%, 2 Votes)
  • Faeries Vs Robots Vs Aliens (14%, 1 Votes)
  • The Cosmic Cuckoos (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 7

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Coffee Voting Results

Last month, I asked you to choose what coffee would become the Core JenEric Coffee flavours, those that will always be available at conventions.

Here are your core flavours:

  • Jack Coco’neill – light Roast with Coconut flavouring
  • Davroast – Medium Roast with Chocolate Flavouring
  • Raktajino – Dark Roast with Cinnamon

Here are a few other questions you were awesome enough to answer:

  • On decaf, 60% said no… It may be something I look into if I can keep the same price point but for now it’s a No!
  • On grinders, 40% said no and 27% said maybe, this could be something we can do but I need it to be cheap and extra geeky.
  • On unflavoured coffee, 50% said yes and 21% said no… Not sure what to do with that… I’ll keep it in mind for now.


Thank you again for all your help!


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