Frustration, Discussion, Pirates, and YouTube


GAH! I’m very frustrated at the moment. I wish it was because of an article or something substantial but it’s not. It’s just been a frustrating couple of days.

What could possibly be frustrating such a level headed and calm person as me you ask? Mostly it’s health and money related. Without going into too much detail. I was diagnosed with IBS last year and sometimes I think it’s getting worse. I’m still working out triggers but more often than not I feel really bad after eating at a restaurant. The past few days have been an exercise in discomfort.

The other thing is a constant in almost every writer’s life. People might not realize how expensive it can be to be a writer. More and more agents and publishers are asking writers to have a business plan and a fully polished novel before they submit. That means, paying a professional editor before you even know if they will take you. It sucks to be soooo close to being published, or being ready to self-publish, but not be able to because of money.

Enough complaining!


Over on S.M Carrière’s blog there was a wonderfully civil conversation on a topic that could easily get heated. Go read it here!

It’s really interesting to see what people think about this topic.

My opinion is right there in the comments but in short I think it’s an author’s job to make sure their products are as easy to consume as possible. Making a good website is the best possible option. Then all you have to do is post a link to your FAQ or Release schedule.

As for how the author in question, not S.M. Carrière, as a reader, I couldn’t care less; as a writer I hope to never get to the point that I want to yell and scream at my audience.

Seeing as I have the greatest Imaginary Friends / Audience at the moment, I’m not too worried.


This weekend I attended an awesome wedding. It was the first themed wedding I’ve been to and I hope not the last. It was Pirate themed and it was great.

There were pirate songs, games, and lots of costumes. Even the grandparents participated.

It was a lot of fun with lots of great people.

I know both the bride and groom will have a great life together.

Silver Stag Entertainment

I took part in two panels with Silver Stag Entertainment. One about one of my favourite books by Tamora Pierce and the other about The Dark Crystal.

Watch and enjoy:

Well that’s it for me.
What big frustrations have you had lately?

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