Guidelines for Cooperative Gaming Fun!

A cooperative game is any game that you play cooperatively with others instead of opposed to other players. Massive Online Roleplaying games, some tabletop games, Pen and Paper Roleplaying games, and certain video games all fit into this category.

All of them require that you play well with others, but that’s not as easy as it sounds.

**Disclaimer: This is my opinion and I have almost no experience playing MMO-RPGs.**


1. Remember it’s a game

At the end of the day it is just a game. Remember that it’s not worth alienating your friends and family over a game. It’s ok to lose, not easy but ok.

Try to get your fun from the social interaction, and playing not winning.

2. Have fun

It’s important to remember that a game is supposed to be fun. If it isn’t you need to readjust your expectations and find out why you’re not enjoying yourself.

It’s possible you don’t like the style, story, or gameplay of the game. If you’re really not enjoying it talk to someone, a friend, or the Game Master.

Not all games are for everyone. It shouldn’t be a chore to play a game.

3. Don’t say No

When you play a game, or try to move a story forward, there is nothing worse than having your idea shot down. Not only is it counterproductive to the cooperative part of the game, it’s humiliating.

For shy people or those that are not confident in their gaming skills, having their idea’s rejected is enough for them to stop trying and not have fun.

Instead of No, try diverting or incorporating what they have to say. If it’s really not applicable, tell them it’s a good idea and then explain why it doesn’t work with the rules.

4. Don’t be afraid

You might be playing with people who have more experience or a higher IQ or are more outgoing but that doesn’t mean you don’t have something to contribute. Games are meant to play and have fun, the other players know that and should respect your ideas. So go ahead and try it, or suggest something.

5. The game isn’t real life

It’s easy to get people confused with their characters or their actions but you shouldn’t. Just because someone plays a badguy in a game doesn’t make them a Bad Guy.

Remember that a lot of games, even cooperative games, have a competitive aspect to them and that what someone does to you in game isn’t a reason to hate them in real life.

Small caveat here, I’m talking about game events and stories. If someone is actively trying to make your life miserable in game without a good reason, or even with one, and you can’t stand it, see #2.


Not to sounds like a broken record, or scratched CD, or corrupted MP3, but the point of a game is enjoying yourself. Entertainment. Like any other forms of entertainment (Books, Movies, TV, etc.) there will be sad, angering, and even horrifying moments but you should be having fun.

It’s ok to realize a game isn’t for you but remember one bad session doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try again.


Any Gaming horror stories?

What’s the best gaming experience you’ve ever had?

Let me know in the comments.



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2 thoughts on “Guidelines for Cooperative Gaming Fun!”

  1. I still forget that Mike is a good guy and not like the first character he ever played with us! 😛 I was scared of him for the first few months!

  2. I still forget that Mike is a good guy and not like the first character he ever played with us! 😛 I was scared of him for the first few months!


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