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With a wedding book, there are many characters that show up from the first book, but there are also some new faces, or at least new faces that deserve introducing. We already introduced some of the family members last month, so here are some of the other new faces that are important in Monsters! Incidental Wedding Guests.

Reverend Patrick Mitchel

Appearance inspired by Sam Neill

Age: unknown

Appearance: Grey hair, pale blue eyes, average, white

Job: Reverend at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Anglican Church in East Westmeath, professor at Westmeath University (Ethics and Mythology), sits on the Oldtown Council, Watcher

Family: Niece Veronica Giles

Dr Karen Mästare

Appearance inspired by Salma Hayek

Age: unknown

Appearance: Golden brown hair cut in a bob a shade darker than her skin, light brown eyes with flecks of gold, average height

Job: museum curator at the Royal Canadian Museum of Natural and Cultural History (NCH, or Niche)

Ellen O. Door

Appearance inspired by Alicia Witt

Age: 27

Date of Birth: November 22, 1975

Appearance: Red hair, tall, white

Job: CEO of Door Technology, main office in Westmeath

Parents: Margery Door and Robin

Siblings: 11 older siblings

Carol Jenkins

Appearance inspired by Erica Durance

Age: unknown

Appearance: Curly light brown hair, average height, white

Job: Archeologist, works for Door Technology Foundational Technology Division

Sibling: Brother Jacob

Jacob Jenkins

Appearance inspired by Bruno Langley

Age: unknown

Appearance: Brown hair, average, white

Job: head of Door Technology Foundational Technology Division

Sibling: sister Carol

Cover art by @pinkpiggy93 on Tumblr and Instagram

Monsters! Incidental Wedding Guests by Jen and Éric Desmarais is available for pre-order now!

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