Story sketch: Guise and Dolls

Main Characters: Seanna, Randal, Barbara, and Kenneth.
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Magic Shop/Horror
Theme: Coming of age/love story 
Main Action: A young Girl and boy (Seanna and Randal) enter “Magic shop”, girl finds dolls shows to boy. Dolls are soul carriers and switch their bodies with those inside the dolls (Barbara, and Kenneth).
The story will follow the two couples, one as they adjust to the 21st century and deal with the lives they’ve stolen and the other as they find their way trough “Other land”
Secondary characters: Seanna’s quirky family, Randal’s straight laced Religious Family, and a group of strange “Wizard of Oz” copies of their families. 
Tertiary Characters: High school teachers, students and other assorted people.

Seanna and Randal:

Standing in a corner looking at the books Seanna looked like she was trying not glance in his direction. She was wearing a black turtleneck with loose pink pants. She was visibly hunched which created the illusion that she was shorter then her six feet. Her chocolate brown hair fell straight over her dark rimmed glasses and danced on the page of her book.

Looking at her from a distance Randal wondered how she could read with her hair in the way. Looking up she glanced and him and he turned away, nervously passing his perfectly manicure hand over his light blond hair. Fixing his sweater vest he walked out of the library and towards his next class.

Armstrong 3

Todays word: Anecdote

* * *

“There are great days in the lives of men and great days in the life of humanity. Today Fredrick is the later.” The man spoke with a deep British accent, his silver hair was trimmed short and his beard was long. He wore a standard NASA spacesuit, holding his helmet. From the pre-launch stage he looked like a benevolent father.

“My fellow Human’s, not since the days of the first moon landing have we attempted something so bold, so dangerous, and so historic. I captain John Tiberius am about to leave this earth on humanities first deep space mission.” Tiberius let the crowd cheer before he continued, “When I was a young boy, I lived for everything related to space. I like you, have had the privilege to live in a century rife with humanities expansion into the stars. I watched the fist colonies be placed on Eris and cheered in front of my television, but I wanted more, I wanted to humanity leave our solar system and explore the great universe. Now I have that chance, we all have that chance.” The anecdotal and hopeful speech made the crowd cheer even louder.

Tiberius lifted his hand to quiet them before he concluded, “It’s on this spot exactly two hundred years ago that man first arrived on the moon. It’s only fitting that this is the same spot we leave to explore the unknown area’s of space. Wish us luck and pray for us.”

Walking off the stage Tiberius put on his helmet and climbed the staircase up into the ship. Behind him was his second in command Frederick Holnikov, who waved and followed him up. Once on the bridge Tiberius nodded at, Angel Lachance, their pilot, Sidney Smith, their engineer, and Alexander Lee their doctor. It was a six person crew and each of them had been trained in two major professions in order to prepare for the trip.

“Good speech captain” said Smith.

“Thank you m’boy thank you.”

The countdown started and everyone fell silent. The only sound inside the ship was the crews jagged breath and the only sound outside was the terraformed wind. Once it reached zero the ship took off, slung out into the darkness of space by the maglev energies.

The launch was simple and the news stations declared that the Armstrong 3 was headed towards the edge of the solar system. Opening their solar sails they sped up to a maximum speed of 250 Megameters per second. At those staggering speeds they’d reach Eris base, on the edge of the solar system, in just under two days. If there had been no main asteroid belt it would have taken them less time but as it was they had to lower their sails and glide through the man made pass.

Read Part 2

Short attempt at Cyberpunk.

Todays word is unreconstructed and yesterdays was CyberPunk. I used yesterdays word as my setting and an exploration of a character I’d like to play in an upcoming ShadowRun game.

Comments are always apreciated.

* * *

There wasn’t much to do in the great suburbs of North Bay for a young man that didn’t enjoy drugs. It wasn’t his fault really he had been cursed with a rare disorder making cybernetic implants impossible. All the best drugs played with you cybernetics but all they did to him was give him indigestion.

In the great spiralling cities of North Canada, all four of them, youths. or Tkeens as the media liked to call them, all felt they needed the newest apple cybernetics upgrade. It was the “kool” thing to do. This left poor Gereon pretty lonely

When he was younger, all he wanted to do was become a Jacker. He would pretend to connect to the home computer with his Bluetooth implant or track an illegal on the intertubes. His father broke the new to him when he was twelve and crushed his hopes of ever becoming a cop.

With time he learnt to accept that he would never be able to see the intertubes in the same way as his friends. Eventually he even learnt to work around it using self built remotes and gadgets.

Most Tkeens didn’t need to learn things the old fashion way, they would simply get the information transferred to their USB drives and spend a day groking it. This made society much more orderly everyone had their place and everyone had their job. He spent a lot of time having to learn things from books and on his displays. His father, before disappearing, had brought him boxes of real books. Gereon thought they had all been destroyed and knew his father shouldn’t have had them, it wasn’t against the law but it was frowned upon. “When Mother Frowns, The World Frowns” would say the great Mothercorp when advertising frowned behaviour.  

After your Tkeens were done, around 24, you’d take your place where the Mothermind told you. He had never been able to here the Mothermind, a side effect he assumed, but he was assured she knew he existed.

He was quickly approaching his seventeenth year and with little to do he would play with electronics and mechanical constructions. He had lots of time to develop his skills and his devices had a unique form to them as he was unique in his condition. He, most of all, enjoyed miniature bots that he could control from a distance with his interface.

Living alone wasn’t too bad but people always looked at him funny that is when they looked at him instead of straight through him. One day he was walking the city to see a little more of the world and he saw two Jackers walking towards him. Nodding politely he gave a half smile at the officers.

“Hey look Kan it’s an anti-tech, what you doing outside the reserve freak.” Said the larger and uglier of the two.

“I’m not an anti-tech sir, I have a medical condition would you like to scan my RF chip?” Said Gereon holding out his right palm. The Jacker’s looked down at his wrist and their ocular implants whirred for a moment before they looked at him again.

“Shoves a fake chip at us, lies, doesn’t even have the dignity to do it well. I’d say that’s a hostile act Pit.” Said the littler Jacker, or Moma’s Boy as the Tkeens called them behind their backs. He grabbed Gereon’s wrist and twisted his arm while the bigger man kicked him in the stomach.

They beat on him for almost a half hour, before they left the larger man said, “Let that be a lesson to you, you anti-tech garbage. Stay on the reserve or let go of your unreconstructed way of thinking.”  

Somehow through shear force of will he managed to crawl home and give a quick pre-programmed order to his bots. They carried him to bed and called the doctor. It was weeks before he could walk again and months before he could do so without pain. He too the time to investigate his chip, discovering that it was a fake and that he had no idea why. His father had implanted him with the non-invasive chip when he was a boy.

Where was his father and why had he done this? What else did he lie to him about? Gereon decided that he needed to find his father but in order to do that he’d need a better chip and some fake implants.

Dusting off the old blog.

This blog has been silent for too long. I think I overdosed on writing during NaNoWriMo. Sadly I have yet to touch my novel. I’m scared to go back to it. I will soon and I’ll finish it even though I know it’ll take me twice as long to edit as it did to write.

I’ve decided that I have only two new resolutions for this year. I’ll keep the old ones and continue with them. The new ones are simple; 1. Marry Jen (My fiancée}. 2. Write everyday, other then emails.

In order to encourage the second resolution, I have added the Merriam-Webster’s word of the day to my Google home page. What I plan to do is write 500 words and include the word of the day in it. The writing could me a mini story, character sketch, place description, action scene, etc.

Hopefully it will give me an excuse to write and help me improve my style. Maybe it’ll even give me a good start for a new story or novel.

Let’s give it a try. Todays word is Indubitable

* * *

The forest opened into a small valley, it’s grass was a dark green spotted by tiny yellow flowers. The valley abruptly fell become a sharp scraggly cliff that looked over the ocean. It was dawn and the premature light sluggishly reflected on the surface of the ocean casting double shadows along the valley.

As the light grew stronger so did the shadows and their blackness, a striking contrast to the vibrant greens, yellows, and browns of the valley. Sitting on the edge of the valley in the front seat for the spectacle of morning was a single red rose. Several small drops of dew, still clinging to its petals, fell as the rose opened itself to the new day.

This was one of those mystical valleys that have become rarer these past few centuries. The air was fragrant and once the sun rose out of its dawn a small island could be seen at the distance, the only proof that anything existed beyond the valley. Pigs, dragons, and other shapes flew over the valley, formed of white fluffy clouds. Unicorns could easily have come out of the woods and been at home in the valley. There was no sign that any human had ever touched this mystical land.

Nothing could be farther from the truth however. This valley had been discovered and rediscovered by countless people. Thousands have lain on that grass and pondered its indubitable beauty; it was a secret that no one spoke of. The world stopped when they lay there and for that reason countless had brought their significant others, a few had brought them here to express their undying love.

It was both a place and day that movies try to reproduce but always seem to cheapen. It was a place the Romantics would consider utterly powerful and that the romantics would consider perfect for a picnic. The only thing missing from the valley were insects of the stinging variety, with the exception of the occasional bee, and no one complained.

Everything about the valley was wonderful, beautiful and perfect. It was in stark contrast to the murder that occurred that day.

* * *

Ok I think that went well.

Till later
Aspiring Something

What a year!

It has been one hell of a full year; a real rollercoaster ride with all the heart stopping twists and turns.

Let’s star with Viridian Sky, after November 24th I stalled completely on the story, since I’ve written maybe 2000 words. It’s not a terrible thing it’s just a by product or absolutely no planning ahead on my part. I have a good idea what’s going to happen from now on I just need a good ending to work towards. I don’t have any illusions, this book is ok and should be a little better after I fix certain things but it’s not great. Writing a great novel wasn’t the point of it anyways, writing a novel was my point and I’ve proven that I can do it. Well almost. I look forward to finishing it and cleaning it up. Hopefully I can do it before February for everyone who wants to beta read.

This morning I was walking to work thinking about the holidays. It’s going to be hard this Christmas. It was my mom’s favorite holiday and it’s going to be hard without her. As I was walking this morning the song, “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” came on my MP3 player and I couldn’t help crying. It’s still hard for part of my mind to realize she’s gone.

I miss her.

Many happy things happened this year as well. I proposed to my girlfriend and she said yes. We planned a good portion of the wedding and I’m very excited.

I spent the year job hopping. I’ve had 5 jobs this year and find myself unemployed. Although I do have several options open right now. Worst case I’m unemployed for a week and get to work on the novel.

On my livejournal I posted my annual Resolutions last year and I though it would be nice to look them over and see how I’ve done:
– Exercise more, join a gym. (Maybe if I pay for it I’ll go more often?)
– Write more.
– Draw more.
– Take more pictures.
– Start a D&D group.
– Start a Webcomic.
– Be more positive.
– Take an acting class this summer.
– Take at least one university class in spring.
– Pay off most of my debts.
– Keep moving Forward.
– Propose to Jen

Well I can split this into two groups, those I’ve completed and those I haven’t.

Completed: Write more, Draw more, Take more pictures, Start a D&D group, Be more positive, Keep moving Forward, Propose to Jen.

Not: – Exercise more, join a gym, Start a Webcomic, Take an acting class this summer, Take at least one university class in spring, Pay off most of my debts.

I did pay off some debts but not most and I will be taking a class in Winter… I hope.

Overal 7/12 humm 58%

Well that’s not really good but I’m still proud of the things I have done.

It’s been a tough year and I look forward to the next. I’ll post my new years resolutions some time soon.