They won Best Poké Possy in the journeyman devision (performance prize).

Instagram handles:

⭐️ EEVEE @a_gastaldini

💧VAPOREON @timthemathgeek

⚡️JOLTEON @molamolacosplay @molamola19 @potassiumola

🔥FLAREON @shabnambahramifarid

👁 ESPEON @rts_guy

🌙 UMBREON @ujjiocosplay @ujjio

🌱 LEAFEON @faedye_

❄️ GLACEON @jessjacks11

💖 SYLVEON @dotnpolka

Powerpuff Girls

I didn’t recongize this one right away. I saw Buttercup (green) and Professor Utonium first, and I knew they were dressed up, but then Blossom (pink) and Bubbles (blue) joined them and I was like !!!!!

Super cute, fun, and comfy cosplay for a group. 11/10 no notes.