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This year I seem to have watched, and reviewed, 48 films. Not bad considering I was too sick to watch movies for most of December. Below is a list of them in descending star order. Within each catergory, they are in alphabetical order.

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Kim Possible – JenEric Movie Review

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Hello Cinephiles,

Today we’re talking about the 2019 film Kim Possible.


Kim Possible isn’t and hasn’t ever been a spy but the stories follow all the spy tropes with a few superhero ones thrown in. The movie does a great job of being faithful to the spirit of the original while updating it to modern audiences. (It’s shocking how much changed between 2007 and 2019.)

The story is mostly nostalgic for older audiences and the story is quite simple. Perfect spy/superhero intro for kids. There is some cartoony ridiculousness that is a little annoying but overall good.

Score: 0.5


Kim is great and it was nice to see her going through the awkwardness of change.

Ron was portrayed perfectly, one of those super awkward kids with a giant heart. I always cringe at Ron to start and then he quickly becomes my favourite character.

The villains are wonderfully portrayed with the perfect level of overacting.

Score: 1


The dialogue is cheesy and irreverent. Lots of good lines but I found the mixture of mid 2000’s slang and late 2010’s a little weird. Hearing Lit and Fam followed by Booya, felt wrong.

The scene between Kim and her Grandmother was one of the best training dialogues I’ve heard.

Score: 1

Visuals and Music

The action sequences are very Disney Channel but overall they did a great job with the visuals and the music was acceptable.

Score: 0.5


The kids loved it. The adults, who watched the original in university also loved it.

It was fun and struck a great balance.

As an adult it was nice to see the kids and family talking instead of hiding things.

Score: 1


Cheesy, fun, and angst free. The story might be a little young and cartoony but they commit and there are some genius scenes.

Final Score: 4 Stars out of 5

Will Friedle

We got to meet some amazing people last weekend at Ottawa Comic Con, and none more so than Will Friedle (Twitter). He was so great with the woman ahead of us in line, who told him that she had a major crush on him when she was growing up. “That’s adorable!” he replied, all smiles. I love when actors are so amazing with their fans.

And OUR interaction with him. Oh wow. I was wearing the shirt that my sister designed for me (Geeklet on Board), and the “d” at the end is comprised of a pencil and a d20, to represent our love of D&D. Will got all excited about the d20, and asked if we watched Critical Role, which we have not yet. Apparently he is a guest star in the show. I want to see it even more now.

I also explained why I was wearing the shirt, and he got all excited that we are expecting. He said “And how is little Will treating you today?” I said the first name that popped into my head at this point: “Actually, Wilhelmina is treating me quite well.” Then I quickly corrected myself, explaining that we were NOT going to name her Wilhelmina, but that I couldn’t come up with another female ‘Will’ name. So he asked our name possibilities, and pulled a d20 out from his pocket! He rolled for each one, and the results were all really low. Maybe we’ll see her and end up naming her something completely different! I have no idea. (We have since thought of one: Willow! What do you think Will? What does the dice say? Update: Will says that the dice rolled a 19!)

He also asked how long we’ve been married, and said congratulations when he heard that it was almost 7 years. He’s getting married on September 25, 2016. I wish him happiness and joy!

We also managed to squeeze two pictures in with the TARDIS. Will was a real pleasure to meet. I highly recommend going to see him at any and all conventions you go to!

Will Friedle2small

I love his face in this one!Will Friedle3small

P.S. Bracelet is by Popsquatch Designs. You can buy stuff from them at CON Creative Ottawa Nerds on June 11!