Dear Dragon – Kindness

Dear Dragon,

It’s been one heck of a school year. Lots of sickness, lots of uncertainty, and lots of worry. There have been some awkward talks with your classmates about Santa and crushes.

One thing that has been constant however is your kindness.

This week you found out that your friend had worn her one blue shirt and needed a blue shirt for the Winter Carnival at school. You immediately decided to bring her a shirt. There have been other times this year, you wanted to bring things for your classmates and I think that’s really sweet of you.

You also want to make something called, “Kids Club” that would see you and your friends doing things you’re good at and selling the product to raise money for charity. (I think this is inspired by the books and movies of the Baby-Sitters Club.)

You think the best of others and have a really hard time understanding why people do mean or unkind things. You also have a strong sense of right and wrong. Both are admirable but it sometimes leads you to be indignant or wanting to strike back.

I hope that as you grow up, you learn to temper that … erm well… temper and try to see why people are the way they are.

The world, and humanity, sometimes seems like a cruel place, but watching you wanting to do nice things for your neighbours makes me feel hopeful.

I love you little Dragon!

Your Papa

Do you live in fear?

Hello Readers,

Let me me start by saying I’m tired. Tired of people being jackasses to each other and then turning around and blaming someone else.

I’ve been accused of living in fear for the past six months. Apparently being afraid of a virus that has killed nearly 3/4 of a million people and following health and safety guidelines is living in fear.

Fear is a natural reaction, it’s an instinct that keeps us alive. Fear isn’t a bad thing. I can hear the embodiment of internet comment sections sections screaming, “BUT IT CONTROLS YOU!” Fear can be used to control, and yes it can go to unhealthy levels, but self isolating, wearing a mask, and avoiding risky behaviour is not unhealthy (it’s the opposite).


I understand that some people have legitimate reasons to not wear a mask, that’s fine and I’ll never challenge someone who isn’t wearing one, but I’ll give them a wide berth. However, if you’re refusing to wear a mask on principle, you are being selfish, inconsiderate, and ridiculous. What’s the worst that happens? You do something in hopes that it’ll benefit others and it doesn’t work?

More recently I’m seeing a lot of memes about how more children are stolen and sold than died of Covid, or how this one kid died because someone shot him but it’s not getting the same media attention.

One travesty doesn’t mean another isn’t important. People can, and do care about more than one thing. It’s unfair and reductive to compare them. Only a fool says “Car accidents kill more people than cancer.” Same applies here.

In an article in Science Mag, they describe the “sheer breadth of complications linked to COVID-19 is mind-boggling“. Over and over again, science has said that this virus is dangerous and I will treat it that way.

Another argument that’s been passing around is that “the flu kills people every year, should we take the same precautions for it?” My answer is yes. Wear a mask during flu season or if you feel sick. If you have a choice, don’t go to work sick. We should be pushing for mandatory sick days.

We as a society need to overcome the foolish notion that taking sick days is a sign of weakness or laziness.

Wear a mask, wash your hands, and be safe,