The Story Museum

If I hadn’t wanted to visit Oxford, England before, I want to go there even more now!

The museum itself is planning a renovation, which will make it 100% wheelchair accessible by Summer 2019.

Image taken from Atlas Obscura.
Image taken from Atlas Obscura.

Geared towards children and exploration, The Story Museum features the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, the Wardrobe and Beaver’s Den from Narnia, and many other iconic scenes.

They also host events and week long courses for children and adults alike.

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When Lou Ferrigno smiles…

…his eyes close! In this picture: My sister, the Mad Hatter, disguised as Jayne Cobb. Lou Ferrigno. My mother, wearing the most awesome GeekMom t-shirt (it was Mother’s Day). If you look in the background to the left, you will see me taking a picture of them getting a picture taken, and the ONLY picture of my husband taken at Comic Con. He was the one behind the camera, for the most part. He is dressed as an Avenger.