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Hello Cinephiles,

Today we’re talking about the 2022 film Blue’s Big City Adventure.


This was definitely made with love of the original shows. As someone who only has a passing knowledge of them, I never felt lost or like I was missing something.

They did a great job balancing a simple story, music, and cameos. It reminded me of my childhood with the Muppets and Loonie Toons.

Score: 0.5


There is an honesty and earnestness in the characters that really comes through. Often kids show hosts feel like they’re faking it, but with these it felt like they were being an ideal version of themselves.

The cameos were great and a lot of fun for the adults.

The representation in the movie of disabled singers, dancers, and kids was excellent to see.

Score: 1


There were a lot of quotes and little references to other films. There was a lot of uplifting dialogue and great messages for kids.

Score: 0.5

Visuals and Music

The movie was colourful and well composed. The dancing was great, the costumes were really well thought out, and the special effects used to great… well, effect.

If I had one complaint it would be the cameraman’s love of tilt.

The music was catchy, uplifting, and pleasant.

Score: 1


I didn’t have the nostalgia for the film but I still felt it in the loving way it was made. I enjoyed it, but the basic story seemed to stress out the other adults. The 6 year old loved it and even interacted even though she’d never watched the show. The 3 year old was glued to the screen, although he insisted he didn’t like it. (He wanted to watch Selena+Chef)

Score: 1


This is a warm hug in the form of a movie. Whether you grew up on Blue’s Clues or just want a feel good musical, this is a great choice. The dance, music, costumes, are all excellent, but it’s the joy and earnestness of the actors that truly elevates the film

Final Score: 4 Stars out of 5

Recommendation Wednesday

New York (and I’m not just talking about the city here) has a TON of things to do and see; it’s impossible to do it all. But here is a comprehensive list that will help you narrow it down somewhat.

Best Things to do in New York

This website also has lists for Norway, Germany, Austria, and South Africa, among many others.

These lists are by someone else named Jen (I swear it’s not me!) and she (and her team) review products, for the most part. They also are heavily into health stuff (that I’m not recommending, but will not get into that here).

However, if you know where to look, you’ll find her travel blog and lists of things to do in many locations (it’s really well hidden! Tip: Go to the search and type in the place you want to go). I’m sure she will update this to include more. You can also email her and request that she add somewhere specific!

Image from Jen Reviews
Image from Jen Reviews

Are you interested in travelling? You can contact Jennifer Desmarais through Orleans Travel.


This news hasn’t been broadcast all over Facebook yet, possibly because it happened during the DNC and everybody’s talking about that instead.

The Waldorf=Astoria in New York is closing for renovations at the beginning of 2017. I’m shocked, but after reading this article, it makes a little more sense. They’re going to be renovating more than half of their rooms into luxury condos, and the rest will be made into high-end, 5-star luxury hotel suites.

In the "men's" lobby of the Waldorf=Astoria. Image taken by Jen.
In the “men’s” lobby of the Waldorf=Astoria. This is where the financial transactions take place. Obviously, women are now allowed to pay for their rooms, and this lobby is open to all. Image taken by Jen.

I visited the Waldorf=Astoria in November 2014, and was blown away by the grandeur of the main spaces, but the rooms, other than the penthouse, were standard. The hotel was definitely showing its age. So the upgrade makes complete sense, especially since The Plaza Hotel nearby had a similar upgrade recently.

So why is a Fandom Travel blog talking about a hotel in New York?

While not used in a “typical” fandom movie, this hotel has been a setting in many movies, including some old and some new.

Week-End at the Waldorf” (1945) with Ginger Rogers and Van Johnson.

The Out of Towners” (1970) with Jack Lemmon

The Great Gatsby” (1974) with Robert Redford and Mia Farrow – even though it is set before the hotel was completed…

Godfather Part III” (1990) in the scene with with George Hamilton

Scent of a Woman” (1992) with Al Pacino – not sure if I like that movie title…

Maid in Manhattan” (2002) with Jennifer Lopez and Ralph Fiennes – for the exterior shots of the hotel she works at

Alfie” (2004) with Jude Law

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Influences on Reality

Fiction has had a lot of influence in our daily life. Just look at all the gadgets that Star Trek suggested would be the way of the future, that we actually have now in 2016! Tablets, communicators, cell phones, etc. But I’d like to look at the places that have been influenced by fiction.

1. Stargate Command

Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado is the base for NORAD, but there’s rumour that there is a door that has a sign saying “Stargate Command”. Unfortunately, since the US military moved back into the mountain, only tours with “a mission-critical rationale for visiting the mountain, where the tour is essential in performing their daily functions in defending the homelands” may enter the complex. Darn.

2. Platform 9 and 3/4

Any Harry Potter fan would enjoy visiting King’s Cross station, and they’ve even set up a trolley halfway through the wall between platforms 9 and 10. The station also has “Hogwarts Express” listed on their screens at 11 am on September 1st. I would love to show up on that day at that time, dressed as a witch. Anyone want to do that with me?

Image from
Image from

3. 221b Baker Street

Although the Sherlock Holmes house doesn’t exist at this address, there is now a Sherlock Holmes Museum that you can go visit. When Doyle wrote the series, Baker St only went up to #85!

Image from
Image from

4. Ghostbusters Firestation, NY

There is a fire station in New York, Hook and Ladder Company 8, that was the setting for the Ghostbusters headquarters. They have some cute little nods to the movie, both inside and out.

Inside the building. Image from wikimedia.


Outside the station. Image from bradstudios.

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Halloween fun

This weekend is Halloween, and if you’re looking for something last-minute to do, I’m sure there’s a Halloween party just around the corner. In Ottawa, Can-Con will have Trick-or-Treating in the vendor’s room all day, and it’s free to the public, so be sure to stop by!

But if you’re looking for something a little further from home and off the beaten path, here are some great last-minute options!

Ithaca, New York

Do you like Harry Potter? Would you be interested in visiting Diagon Alley? For five hours on Halloween, Ithaca NY is transforming Press Bay Alley into Diagon Alley and I desperately want to go!! There will be a House Cup Competition, a Horcrux Hunt, a costume contest, presentations on magical creatures, wizarding chess, Quidditch re-enactments, wizarding duels, and so much more! This is their first event, so maybe I’ll be able to go next year…

A real-life Diagon Alley in Ithaca! I want to go!
A real-life Diagon Alley in Ithaca! I want to go! Image from

The Catacombs of Paris

You would have had to enter the contest with Airbnb, but two lucky (or unlucky?) winners will be the first people to spend Halloween night in the Catacombs under Paris – the home of seven million corpses. Dinner, a private concert, breakfast, and a storyteller will put them to sleep with creepy bedtime stories “guaranteed to produce nightmares”. Who would like to participate in this? Certainly not me!

Hope the winners never saw the terrifying horror movie As Above, So Below or it’s trailer.

Creepy! Image from
Creepy! Image from

The Stanley Hotel in Colorado

The Stanley Hotel is one of the most haunted hotels in the world. It was the setting for Stephen King’s “The Shining”. Reportedly haunted by Lord Stanley and his wife, as well as kids who run along the fourth floor halls at two in the morning, and many others, this would be the place to go to test yourself. It is open for business, and hosts a Ghost Adventure Package as well as standard room packages.

Just don’t order the Redrum…

The Stanley Hotel. Image from
The Stanley Hotel. Image from

If you are interested in going on any of these cruises, or others. You can contact Jennifer Desmarais through Orleans Travel.

Happy Haunting!


Goodbye New York!

This is the last picture from New York. I hope you enjoyed the pictures. I sure enjoyed the trip! The lion looks like he’s saying “What is this on MY pedestal? Get it off!”



I am helping to organize a new craft fair that is happening March 21, 2015. It is called CON Creative Ottawa Nerds. You can say that you’re going to the event here, and you can like our Facebook page here. Éric wrote about it here.

Lion in wait

The lion outside the New York Public Library was magnificent!



I am helping to organize a new craft fair that is happening March 21, 2015. It is called CON Creative Ottawa Nerds. You can say that you’re going to the event here, and you can like our Facebook page here. Éric wrote about it here.

Bethesda Fountain

Oh no! Where are all the people? Where is the Doctor? The Angels are here!



I am helping to organize a new craft fair that is happening March 21, 2015. It is called CON Creative Ottawa Nerds. You can say that you’re going to the event here, and you can like our Facebook page here. Éric wrote about it here.


I don’t see the Doctor anywhere? Are there cherubs in the shadows? Hurry!!



I am helping to organize a new craft fair that is happening March 21, 2015. It is called CON Creative Ottawa Nerds. You can say that you’re going to the event here, and you can like our Facebook page here. Éric wrote about it here.