Princess Serenity

FadhiliTheOne is an incredible cosplay and won Best in Show at ComicCon 2022, bumping her up to the highest tier. I’m so very proud of her!

Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of her winning cosplay this time, but hopefully next time!

Casual Good Omens cosplay

These two walked by and I almost missed them. If they’d been separate, I definitely would have. But the pattern on the mask, combined with the sunglasses on the other, made me realize what I was looking at: casual cosplay Crowley (red) and Aziraphale (blue). Absolute perfection. I was SO excited!!!

Tink and Peter

I almost want to delay this picture until Peter Pan and Wendy, but I won’t. These wings are too gorgeous to postpone. I wish the kids had been able to see these two in person.

@ujjiocosplay @ujjio as Tinkerbell and @a_gastaldini as Peter Pan