Dear Pegasus – Baths

Hello My Little Pegasus,

A few months ago, you had shellfish in pasta sauce. You had a really bad night. From that and another incident, we have been assuming that you have an intolerance. (No breathing issues or hives, just puking and upset stomach.) We’ll have to get you tested post Covid, but until then, we’ve been trying to avoid it.

Unfortunately, we gave you some food a two weeks ago that had been cooked with shrimp. You didn’t puke, but you had really bad diarrhea. I was tired and very surprised and I didn’t react great. I had to bring you to the other bathroom and clean you there, a quick shower seemed the right idea, but I think it might have been a little traumatizing for you.

Unrelated but adorable picture of Pegasus sleeping.

So baths haven’t been much fun lately. You seem terrified you’ll poop in the tub unless you’ve already pooped. Even then, you don’t seem to enjoy and play the way you did before the incident. I’m sorry I didn’t handle it well and I hope I haven’t ruined baths for you.

This weekend, you watched Dragon’s bath and she had a great time, so hopefully that will help. I’ll probably try a bath with both of you together and see how that goes.

I hope we can go back to you loving the water. It’s hard to bathe you when you don’t want to be.

Time will tell.

I love you little Pegasus,


Gingerbread House

Hello My Imaginary Friends,

We built a gingerbread house. It was a lot of fun and we all managed to to avoid eating the candy before we were done. (So hard)

I have fond memories of building gingerbread houses with my mom and I think we’re on our third or fourth year in a row now.

As much as I like the tradition of making it, I like even better the tradition of eating it.

As it gets older and harder, I’m the only one who will eat it. I dunk it into my coffee. Yum.

Hope you’re enjoying your traditions this holiday season.

Stay safe and be kind,