ChiSeries Ottawa: Holiday Extravaganza (Tonight)


After an extremely successful weekend at Pop-Expo (You guys rock!), we’ve accepted an invitation to join ChiSeries Ottawa Presents: Holiday Extravaganza 2015.


For one night only, tonight, there will be all kinds of stuff and things at Maxwell’s on Elgin Street.

Entry is free and it’ll be your last chance, unless you commission, to get holiday gifts from us.

Also we’re donating a super-awesome-fantastic gift bag for the raffle.

Hope to see you there,


PopExpo and Jurassic World


This weekend was PopExpo. Jen, Lindsay, and I had a lot of fun despite the smaller than normal attendance.

My coffee sales were ok. We’ll try again for Comic Con.

If you’d like to buy some I have a few bags of Capt. Jack Harkness (Banana Cream), Spiked (Butter Rum), and Davroast (Chocolate Hazelnut) left. They’re $10 Dollars. You can email me or use the Commissions page. All bags are $10.

Short post today so enjoy the new Jurassic World trailer:

I think this gif expresses how I feel.


(I’m the one squeeing)


If you bought some coffee this weekend, what did you think?

If you didn’t and want to, let me know!