Star Trek

Not only did this cosplayer match the mask to the dress, but they made the dress themself!

Stunning work!

Please note that this series of TARDIS pictures from Ottawa Comic Con 2022 will have the background as blurred as possible. Not only was there art across the aisle from us, but the art was…riské.

Dave Foley

Technically, we weren’t supposed to take candid pictures of the guests. However, Dave Foley was a sweetheart and overrode his handler’s objections.

I got to talk to him a little bit, too. I told him how hilarious he was in Sky High as the teacher of the sidekicks, and I wished that there had been a sequel. He said that I wasn’t the first person that day to mention Sky High and how surprised he was. I honestly can’t imagine why he’d be surprised!

Comic Con 2022 Interlude

Yes, we are taking a break from your regularly scheduled Florida TARDIS pictures (from 2020) to post the pictures I took at Ottawa Comic Con 2022.

To start, here’s what our booth looked like this year! Can you spot the TARDIS? (Trick question…there are TWO!)