The Most Ambitious Crossover Event (on this blog)

Hello Friends, Family, and Fans;

Prepare yourselves for the most ambitious crossover this blog has ever seen. Prepare for Red Day, Ere the Sun Rises: A Sun Speaker Story.

This galactic event will span 12 months with 1000 words each month. You will follow Hal the Sun Speaker after the events of his last story as he tries to unite the warlike factions of the Sol system before it’s attacked by the fleets of The Council of the Gods. Every other month will follow a linked story you may recognize from previous serial stories.

I will try to make sure that the story is self-contained and you can follow even if you haven’t read the previous stories.

If you want to get caught up, here are all the stories that have led up to this event:

The first chapter is planned for the 29th of January.

Stay safe and be kind,


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