Week 11 – La Guerre des Tuques Results

This movie went over a lot better than I thought it would, although I was thoroughly unprepared for the emotional aspect of the movie. It was an excellent choice to have the week before Remembrance Day. But please go check the website doesthedogdie before watching this. I was taken completely by surprise.

Not only was the movie well liked, but he loved every single activity.


I haven’t been doing much formally for this one. I’ll put music on and he’ll dance to it unprompted. (repeated from last week)


He has been diligent about practising his scales and doing the exercise from the book. He also says out loud what the scale letters are as he plays them.


We did quite a few stitches. There’s only one row left, and Pegasus is excited to be done and be able to wear it.

Basic Information

We alternated between listening to videos for the days of the week and months of the year (M, W, F), and attempting to put them in order with the pieces of paper (days on Tuesday, months on Thursday). He sang along unprompted. He’s still having trouble with the names and the order when the songs aren’t playing, but he’s needing much less prompting.

Printing words

He enjoys doing this activity and completed it on the second day this week. He wrote g and e for himself above the words as a way of helping himself, which is adorable. (You can just barely see them under the eraser.)

Counting objects/math-type activities

He did well on his counting. He did not need me to write the numbers for him to copy, but did ask for me to trace them in the air.


We got reread the little French books from the library. We had the same French books this week, and I brought them to the COVID vaccination clinic with us on the Friday. He read most of the two Zoe books on his own, only needing help with a couple of the words. I was super impressed. We’ll have new French books for next week.


Make paper snowflakes – he needed help cutting through the multiple layers of paper, but he did the folding himself and told me where to cut. He wanted to make more.

Make a pop-up diorama – we did this slightly differently than the way I did it with Dragon. We printed a background and the characters from the movie and then had them standing in front of the background. I think it turned out really well. (Mostly, Pegasus doesn’t enjoy colouring, so I didn’t want to force him to do something he doesn’t like.) I forgot to take pictures while he was building it, so here is the completed project.

Learn how to make a PNG in Photopea – oh wow. I had no idea how much he’d enjoy this activity. We did the dice on Thursday, and then on Friday we moved on to more complex images. One of the things I really wanted to enforce was the idea that shadows and complex backgrounds are more difficult to deal with. He definitely understands that concept, but he also doesn’t care much. He also really loved putting his PNGs into Canva on a different background. (I helped a bit with the PNG creation, but he did most of it. I showed him how to upload into Canva and helped with the composition, but I just tweaked his designs.)

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