Week 13 – Raya and the Last Dragon Results

Pegasus doesn’t really remember Raya very well, as evidenced by his confusion about why the word “dragon” was one of his printing words this week.


I haven’t been doing much formally for this one. I’ll put music on and he’ll dance to it unprompted. (repeated from last week)


He has been diligent about practising his scales and doing the exercise from the book. He also says out loud what the scale letters are as he plays them.


Pegasus completed the poncho this week! He worked very hard and is very happy with the end result.

Basic Information

We alternated between listening to videos for the days of the week and months of the year (M, W, F), and attempting to put them in order with the pieces of paper (days on Tuesday, months on Thursday). He sang along unprompted. He didn’t need any prompting with the days of the week this week.

Printing words

He enjoys doing this activity and completed it on the third day this week.

Counting objects/math-type activities

He did well on his counting. He needed me to write a 5, but only asked for a 6 traced in the air, and he knew what a 7 looked like.


We read last week’s French books on Monday at the dentist while we were waiting. Then we got new French books after the dentist. He learned some new words, like ‘dans’ and ‘ciel’.


Plan a menu for Boun’s Shrimp Boat – I felt like this was too limiting, so instead, we made a menu for Pegasus’s Restaurant! He had fun planning the menu items (I wrote them down verbatim) and then I helped him search for images in Canva. He shrank them and placed them in the appropriate places.

Make fruit jerky – This turned out pretty well. It was tasty, but we had a hard time flattening it so that it had even consistency. Pegasus did pretty much everything himself, too, which is excellent!

Make celebration banner – We changed this to an invitation to the opening of his restaurant. I wanted to explain how to keep design consistent in theme across similar products.

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