Week 21 – Turning Red Results

This movie has extremely fast dialogue. Even I had trouble following. But Pegasus was a trooper and stuck it out. He liked the music and LOVED the panda.


As per usual, I didn’t do anything specific for this.


His scales are coming along nicely and he willingly practises both his scales and the pieces in the book.


We haven’t started this yet.

Basic Information

We are working on the day before and the day after any given day. The months of the year is going well. All months have proper pronounciation now, and we’re working on the month before and after any given month. That’s coming slowly.

We practised the seasons, but he still needs help remembering them in French.

Printing words

He is working on leaving spaces between words (kerning). This is easier to do on the computer. 😉 I think he’s getting better though.

Counting objects/math-type activities

He still has no problems with counting these, and I feel like his numbers have improved.

Math worksheets. He REALLY likes these and had a lot of fun with the more challenging one. He did them both on Monday because he was so excited to do them.


We got 4 French library books last week. We read 2.


Take pictures on a nature walk – We discovered that it’s a lot more difficult to go for a walk with boots on and when there are unplowed paths. Pegasus was really dragging on the way home. I felt bad, but it’s not like we could teleport home! He willingingly laid down and rested, but didn’t nap. My pictures of Pegasus taking pictures below:

Pegasus’s pictures: We’re going to work on him tucking his elbows against his body so that they’re not as blurry next time. He did a great job keeping his fingers out of the frame after that first one (difficult to do when wearing gloves that are too big). He had fun playing with the zoom.

Physics experiment – Floating Hearts Static Electricity Activity – The balloon was a big hit (and thankfully popped later than night). He was incredibly enthusiastic about rubbing the balloon on the carpet and then making the pieces of paper jump from the table to the balloon.

Make a concert set list – He had a lot of fun and had definite ideas about what he wanted in his set list. It ended up telling a story – starts out feeling trapped, leaving home, starting over, doing what feels right, and then feeling like it’s home. He typed out the names of the songs (I did the artists), and chose and placed all the pictures in Canva.

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