Week 3 – Ladybug & Cat Noir: The Movie Results

Despite my struggles at the beginning of the week (con-drain is all too real), this week went well.


I haven’t been doing much formally for this one. I’ll put music on and he’ll dance to it unprompted.


This week, we’ve been focussing mostly on him practising his scales on the piano. He needs to build up his finger strength, especially in his baby fingers, before my mom can teach him properly. He also needs to be more familiar with the names of the keys, which I continued teaching him, both forward and backward.


I helped him do several blocks of stitches… probably about 6 inches. He’s excited to be able to wear it, but there’s still so much left to do.

Basic Information

We alternated between listening to videos for the days of the week and months of the year (M, W, F), and attempting to put them in order with the pieces of paper (days on Tuesday, months on Thursday). I suggested he sing along, which he was happy to attempt.

Printing words

The pencil grip is helping immensely, especially now that I’ve noticed that it was on the pencil upside down. He didn’t struggle with the printing words and I’m very proud of him for trying so hard.

Counting objects/math-type activities

He moved the pencil himself, but he kept losing track of what number he was on (Monday). On Wednesday when he did the second sheet, he wanted me to move the pencil.


We went to the library on Monday and picked up 3 mini French books, which we read during the week.


Bake bread – I’m going to call this a complete success. We used this bread-in-a-bag recipe, and it worked perfectly. Everyone wanted a second piece. Pegasus wasn’t really strong enough to knead it, but he had fun punching it.

Make butterfly (akuma) bookmarks – we used construction paper, which is a little thicker than what is recommended, but still functions quite well. I liked this activity, because even though he needed to refold several times, or he didn’t quite get the fold in the right place, it still turned out looking like what it was supposed to.

Design a superhero costume and kwami – I was hoping that he would slow down and really think about what he wanted to design for his superhero costume, but he really didn’t. He always thinks of colouring and drawing as if it’s a race against time and it makes me sad.

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