Only Human (Serial Story) Part 9

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“Thanks for not killing me.” Ginny smirked, standing half in the threshold of her room half in the shared kitchen.

“I went on a date with your brother. I should be thanking you.” Rachel smiled. She liked Ronny, he was sweet.

Ginny rolled her eyes and went into her bedroom. Rachel turned and went into hers. She chuckled at the idea that Ronny, the vampire, was the stable, boy next door.

“What’s this about a date?” asked a soft voice from her bed.

Without hesitation, she tossed a knife at the voice and dove to the ground. Pulling another out of her sleeve, she crouch-walked as quietly as she could towards the bed. She reached the bed and placed her knife on the person’s throat. “I’m turning on the light, move and I’ll give you a second smile.”

Turning on the bedside light she saw Dowan with a wide smile. “You’re hot when you do the whole Rambo thing.”

Putting away her knife, Rachel grumbled, “I could have killed you. That was really stupid.”

“I brought flowers,” he said, snapping his fingers and making three vases of roses appear around the room.

“Did I hit you with the first knife?” she asked, looking worried at the red on his beige shirt.

“Naw, you just hit the snack I brought you.” He pointed at the brown paper bag with a knife sticking out of it.

Reaching out, she touched the liquid on the bag and brought it to her mouth. “Cherry, Yum.”

“Before you killed it, it was cherry syrup for the ice-cream I brought.”

He rolled off the bed and carried the paper bag, which still had a knife in it, to her desk.

“What are you doing here Dowan? And how did you get in?”

Looking around, he shook his head at the mess and gave a small shake. When he shook his head a small table with napkins and 2 bowls appeared in front of him. “How do you live like this?”

“It’s been a crazy couple of days. If I knew I was going to have guests I’d have cleaned up.” Rachel sighed and added, “Stop distracting me. Why are you here?”

“Don’t worry about it,” he said and a part of her mind went blank before she forced herself to remember and concentrate on what he was saying.

“You are not a Jedi and your tricks don’t work on me now spill.” She stood the way her foster mother used to when she was truly mad; hip off to the side, one hand on the hip, and a scowl.

Lifting his hands in the air, he said, “Fine. I saw you were in trouble and I wanted to make sure you were ok.”

“Is that why you called me two days ago?”

“Yes,” he looked at her and pouted, “I was comfortably asleep and suddenly felt your life depended on me calling.”

“Right.” She didn’t think he was telling her the whole truth, but didn’t know what to ask.

“Here eat,” he pointed at the bowls which were now filled with vanilla ice cream, three kinds of syrup, and sprinkles. She didn’t have the heart to tell him she’d already eaten. Plus it looked good.

After a few bites he chuckled and said, “From the small moans of pleasure I’ll assume you like it.” She didn’t remember making and noises, but it was damn good ice cream.

As she took another bite, he asked, “So what’s so special about mister sparkly across the hall?”

“Ronny is a nice guy. He’s cute and he makes me feel special…” she trailed off. “And it’s totally none of your business. Mister trickster. You’re my TA not my mother.”

His eyes literally sparkled, it was a little disconcerting. “I may be your TA but I’m also an attractive man who’s totally into you.”

“About that. I did some research on Mannegishi and found out that you’re a little tall for one of the little people.”

His smile faded for only a second before he sighed, “Fine. I’m a half-breed. My mother was human and my father was Mannegishi.” When she looked at him disbelievingly, he added, “I wear lifts in my shoes.” He took off his shoes and was shorter than he’d been. He looked absolutely miserable.

As far as Rachel noticed, he’d always been short. Most people where shorter than her. Ronny being her height was something she liked about him. She smiled at him and said, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”

His face turned into a knowing smile and he said, “And after I didn’t tell anyone about your secret.”

“My secret?”

“You being human and not demi-god,” he seemed smug as he stood closer to her.

She sat on the bed, “You know.”

“I’ve known since we first met. I’m a trickster. I know when others are lying. You are built like a goddess though.”

Maybe it was the ice-cream or that damned crooked smirk of his that lit up his face and showcased his high cheekbones and dimples, but the cheesy line made her blush.

Through her blush and sudden urge to kiss his soft looking lips, she forced herself to ask, “Are you the one who sent the Huntress after me?”

“Yuck, no. Those people are insane. I wouldn’t send them after my worst enemy, let alone a girl I have the hots for.”

She studied his face to see if he was lying and the assessment turned into appreciation. He was really good looking. He looked at her with a mix of amusement and hunger. She leaned towards him and looked up at him. Not an angle she was used to. He leaned forward and her entire body felt warm as she moved closer for a kiss. She held her position a hairsbreadth away from his lips and he smirked but didn’t move forward. When she couldn’t stand it anymore she tried to close the distance but he pulled away.

She gave a small whimper of frustration and he asked, “Do you want me to kiss you?”

“Yes,” she replied grabbing his head and kissing him forcefully. He tasted of cherry syrup.

The kiss felt like it lasted forever and ended too soon. He pulled away, winked at her, and said, “We should go on a date,” and he disappeared.

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