The Main Characters of A Study in Aether


Last week my editor asked what I’d like to see on the cover of A Study in Aether. I said I’d love to see the three main characters on the cover. They then asked for actors or pictures that represent the characters I had in mind. Here are the quick descriptions and pictures.


An avid reader of all things genre Jackie loves the idea of magic and other worlds. He’s one of the calmest and chillest people you’ll meet.

Physically he is brown skinned and gangly. Just having grown almost a foot before high school he’s still not used to his body.  I always pictured Neil Denis (Tilk’s son from Stargate)



The biggest of science nerds, Angela is absolutely brilliant. Her obsession with knowledge is only matched by her love of fashion. She’s shy and prone to rambling.

Physically she’s native and petite, with long brown hair. Very stylish. I picture her as a young Tanaya Beatty from Arctic Air.


Absolutely obsessed with mysteries Elizabeth treats most situations as if they were a puzzle for her to decipher. She’s stubborn to a fault but cares deeply for everyone around her.

Physically she’s average high slightly chubby with curly blonde hair. Sort of a chubbier version of Sasha Pieterse from Geeky Charming.
What do you think? Is this a cast you’d want to read more about?

Serial Story


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Serial Story 2016 - Last Round

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  • The Ruby Child (50%, 3 Votes)

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Wargrave Island

Genre: Murder Mystery
Inspiration: And Then There Were None, Sherlock Holmes

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“What happened?” asked Jonathan, drunkenly staggering towards them, trying to get to the boat.

“What’s in there?” asked Zoe, who was followed by the rest of the party guests who must have seen the fire.

Riko tried to keep them back, but Jonathan made it past her and yelled, “Oh shit, there’s a dead body in there!”

The Ruby Child

Genre: Fantasy Adventure
Inspiration: Firefly, Eberron

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As he watched, in complete amazement, the ruby transformed into a baby with glowing crimson hair. The infant gave a tiny giggle and opened its eyes. He expected red eyes, but was surprised to see little clones of his own dark green eyes staring back at him.

“Oh Boy,” he repeated.


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