Guide: How to Brew the Perfect Coffee

Hello Coffee Lovers!

I’ve been asked a few times what makes a great cup of coffee and how do you brew it. Making hot coffee is simple, just pour hot water on ground coffee beans and you have coffee.

Let’s get more in depth, shall we? I’m going to stick to drip and submersion methods. Nothing against Turkish or Espresso coffee, but I’d like to keep this short.

Choosing your Coffee

The coffee you choose is extremely personal to your tastes. I recommend JenEric Coffee.

What you want is coffee that has been roasted within the past month or two and sealed. My preferred sweet spot is a week after roasting. The flavour has settled and you get the smoothness of great coffee.

Choosing a Coffee Maker

The variety is astounding. You can find $10 pour-over coffee makers all the way to $20,000.

What you buy will depend on the amount of work and the strength you like in your coffee.

French Press

These make fantastic and flavourful coffee, but get a little more bitter and less smoothness in the actual coffee.

Most french press are the same; get one made out of glass and that holds the amount of coffee you like to drink. Don’t get one too big or too small.

I don’t recommend the travel mugs with french press built in. the longer your coffee is submerged, the more bitter it’ll get.

Use hot water and submerge your ground coffee (coarse or you’ll get an unfun surprise.) Leave them in between 3-6 minutes and then pour. I usually forget mine for upwards of 10 minutes and it’s ok but around 15 it gets bitter.

Drip Machine

These are the standard home coffee makers, and they make okay coffee. I like Sunbeam and President’s Choice for the cheap end and Hamilton Beach, Mr Coffee, and Black + Decker for the mid range.

All you need is a coffee maker that makes coffee. Avoid all the bells and whistles; they just take power away from heating the water.

This is what I use at home when I’m making coffee for more than just me.

Grind your coffee medium fine and let the machine do the rest.




This is the hidden gem of coffee makers. It makes the best coffee. Just put in the filter and the coffee grounds (medium fine) and pour boiled water over it.

I really enjoy the Melitta Signature I have. I bought my father-in-law the Bonavita Wide Base Porcelain Immersion Dripper which lets you control the speed of drip in order to control the flavour.

It’s a cheap and easy way to make fantastic coffee. Melitta also always has special deals, sometimes so cheap you just pay shipping.

Water to Grinds Ratio

The standard ratio is 1 TBSP of coffee grounds for 3-5 Ounces of water.

I recommend 1 TBSP (14.7 ml) of ground coffee for 4 Ounces (118ml) of water.

A cup of coffee on your machine is equal to 6 ounces and not the standard US cup of 8 ounces. This can cause some serious confusion.

That’s the quick and easy way to make a great cup of coffee. There are plenty of other methods but these are the most common and simplest.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your cup,


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