Coffee Advent Calendar 2020

Hello Coffee Lovers!

We are doing the Advent Calendars again this year adding an extra option.

Here are the options for this year:

  • 24 Bags at 1oz each ($50)
  • 12 Bags at 2oz each ($50)
  • 24 Bags at 2oz each ($100)

This is a pre-order for our Advent Calendars. Flavours will be picked from our current selection and a few experimental flavours.

There will be two sets of pre-orders.
Deadline to order first wave September 30th – Orders will ship mid-October.
Deadline to order second wave November 9th – Orders will ship mid-November.

ALLERGY If you have allergies please email us at JenEricDesigns(AT) to let us know your specific allergy.

Pre-orders are open now

Thank you!


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3 thoughts on “Coffee Advent Calendar 2020”

  1. My wife purchased this advent calendar for me this year. I was very excited because I was the only individual in the house that wasn’t participating in an advent calendar. Having a new gourmet coffee to enjoy every day throughout the month of December is going to be awesome, however I do have a couple comments about how I received the package overall. The first thing that struck me was a bit of disappointment in the labeling. The coffee bags weren’t Labelled so I know which coffee I was getting, and having to refer to the index card with all the coffee names on it ruins the surprise of subsequent flavors. The crocheted basket that it came in unfortunately did not fit the coffee or hold it inside the basket leaving it to spill all over the counter and requiring us to just toss them into a random basket in a cabinet which absolutely negates the advent calendar feel. The other unfortunate part was that nowhere on your site did it indicate that the beans were underground and we do not have a coffee grinder, so unfortunately we have a $65 lot of coffee that we can’t drink and doesn’t look good on our counter. 😕

    • Hello,

      I’m very sorry that you’re unhappy with the advent calendar. This is our second year and your input is welcome. I can address a few of your issues. The labelling was done to allow people to try the coffee without knowing. I’m sorry the basket doesn’t fit the coffee, it was meant as a bonus, not as a way to store the bags.

      I have added to the site that all coffee comes whole bean. I’m sorry that this wasn’t made clear from the get-go. We are a small company offering 20+ flavours, we would need to significantly increase the price and decrease the amount of flavours to offer ground in a way that wouldn’t cause cross contamination.

      As for grinders, if you have a Magic bullet or similar device the flat blades are great for grinding coffee. If not, there are mutiple cheap options at Walmart or Loblaws.

      I’m very sorry for your disapointment. This message is being posted as a reply on our blog and sent as an email. In the email we will include a coupon for 25% off our store.

      Once again very sorry,
      Éric Desmarais
      Roaster, Tester, customer service, packager, and co-founder
      JenEric Coffee


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