Week 9 – Coco Results

Virtual school went well this week, for the most part. The teacher asked Dragon a question when two other kids had their mics on, and Dragon couldn’t filter out the extra noise (I don’t blame her; I was on the verge of tears myself from the overstimulation) in order to answer the question properly. (Note to self: remember to put the microphone on her table before school starts!) She got to present her Halloween costume in the afternoon (a pink bunny costume that my mother made for me. This was her 4th year wearing it, and her last. Pegasus will inherit it next year) and she was able to show off her letter m worksheets in the morning.

Work for virtual school this week

Even better, though, was the conversation I got to have with her teacher after school. She pointed me in the direction of Mini TFO youtube channel, which helps both Dragon and I learn the vocabulary necessary for math stuff (like patterns – les suites) and stuff like that. I was also able to show her this blog, and Dragon will be presenting her stop-motion movie next Tuesday (yesterday, when this posts).

Home school was a little more relaxed this week, as most of the activities were verbal. Good thing, as irl stuff was a little overwhelming this week.


No martial arts again this week, but she did ballet 2-3 times this week.


Her letters are doing well.

She had a rhythm piano lesson on Wednesday afternoon at our house. She did very well. Whole, half, quarter, and eighth notes and rests were clapped (or not).

We listened to a bunch of French music. We listened to Isabelle Boulay, whom I very much enjoy. (I forgot to change the CD again…)


We did not crochet this week. I am crocheting advent calendar boxes all the time!

Basic Information

Working on the days of the week verbally is going well. She remembers without prompting, and can tell me the day before and the day after any given day. As for the months of the year, she has the first 6 down and can repeat them without prompting. The second half of the year is getting there. She’s SO close!

Printing words

Tracing letters went well on Wednesday. Friday was decent, but it required a lot of nagging to get her to focus.

Counting objects/math-type activities

She seems to be doing better with verbal counting. Her printing needs work on some numbers, but she is working hard. She can count to 12 in French, but not consistently yet. She did it without help on any number for the first time on Friday.

We did multiple different patterns this week, after watching the mini TFO videos on Les Suites. She greatly enjoys doing them…probably because she can do them with absolutely anything.

I started this pattern and she completed it easily.


We read stories from the teacher’s outline that was sent to us on Monday. She enjoyed that, and we will continue to do it next week.


Remember the dead: go through old photo albums – my mom and dad really came through on this. My mom brought over a banker box full of photo albums from both sides of her family (three generations back plus half of the one before that!), and she told stories about all the people in them. My dad emailed my aunt, who sent him pictures all the way up to three generations back of the grandparents. So Dragon’s great-great-great-grandparents.

Yes, my family is awesome like that.

Bake traditional Mexican food – Dragon and her Papa made Conchas. And they were delicious. A couple slight modifications to the recipe that we made, if you use the one in the link:
– Extra tbsp of evaporated milk to the dough because it felt flaky and dry.
– Extra 2 tbsp of butter to the topping (and green food colouring) because it wasn’t sticking together.
In the future, we will split each ball in two – these are quite large!
Dragon did the following to assist: dumped the ingredients, scooped the sugar and dumped it, kneaded the dough, formed the dough into balls, flattened and placed the topping, cut a few of the toppings

Learn about Dia de Los Muertos (watch Elena of Avalor special episode) – we mostly did this verbally. She had lots of questions, and I can’t remember any of them!

P.S. The bruise on her cheekbone is because she decided to run in circles, got dizzy, and fell into a bookcase.

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