Week 17 – Meet the Robinsons Results

Virtual school was a bit rough today, especially in the morning. Dragon was NOT doing well and got very upset when she wasn’t called on (there are other kids in the class, she won’t be called on every week, obviously!), and then the noise level was higher than usual and she started to melt down, so I had to put the computer on mute so that I could get her to calm down. There seemed to be a lot of confusion happening.

After lunch, she presented, but it seemed as though she didn’t know how to begin. I think I’ll start getting her to present to me at least once during the rest of the week so that she gets used to the format.

Math was not a good time for her either. They were supposed to be counting by twos using a website, and Dragon couldn’t figure out how to drag the pieces and was getting more and more upset. Finally, once I told her that she didn’t have to do it, she was able to get it.

The day was exhausting and stressful, for both of us.

Homeschool was actually surprisingly good this week, especially considering how poorly virtual school went this week.


She did not do ballet this week, as our basement was taken up by inflating mattresses (the kids both got new mattresses).


Piano: They did clapping and counting, but no piano this week.

We have a new French playlist that I can play through the Google, with a variety of artists.


She did not do any this week.

Basic Information

We are working on the day before (hier) and the day after (demain) any given day. The months of the year is going well. We’re working on the month before and after any given month. That’s coming slowly.

The saisons de l’année are all memorized. We’re working on how each of them feel and the types of things we can do during each of them.

When I ask her “combien” for any of the above, she now responds in complete sentences.

Printing words

Printing went extremely well this week. I am very impressed.

She played with the alphabet magnet board, and wanted to write some words. I suggested she get a book and try writing a couple sentences. She was very enthusiastic.

Counting objects/math-type activities

This is too easy for her, but she really enjoys the pictures, so I don’t mind doing them. Also, it gives her practice with printing numbers.

Math worksheet: This was WAY too easy for her. We thought last week was a fluke, or that she recognized that it was in number order, but she had no trouble with this one. So I’m going to make another math sheet that’s slightly more advanced for each week.

We also traced her hands and had her write down the numbers inside each finger. She enjoyed that, and we’ll do it again sometime, but with my hands so that there’s more room inside each finger so she can count higher.


We read stories from the teacher’s outline that was sent to us on Monday. She enjoyed that, and we will continue to do it next week.

We watched Vampirina in French on Disney Plus, one episode a day. Dragon is enjoying it immensely, and is even recognizing some words!


Draw a new invention – It’s a lightbulb that makes light so much brighter because it’s connected to a computer by a cord.

Lava Lamp Experiment – VERY easy and simple experiment. And repeatable. It’s not as flashy as I thought it might be, but still fun and Dragon was enthusiastic about it. So was Pegasus, who watched us.

Make marshmallow robots – This was a fun (and tasty) little build. Big hit – although I don’t think she cared too much about building the robot and was just excited to eat the marshmallows.

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