Dear Lost Friends

Dear Lost Friends,

I’ve been thinking about you and despite the fact that you will probably not read this, I wanted you to know. I think of the good times and the bad. The things we did when no one was watching and the things we did in full view.

Some of you I’ve lost track of, some I see on facebook, and some I know exactly where you are buried.

To those that I see online, but either am not friends with or don’t interact with, know that I see your updates; smile at your happiness and frown at your sadness.

To those I have lost track of, know that I think of you from time to time. I wonder where you are and I wish you well.

Many of you are lost because of time and my inability to consistently upkeep a friendship. I know I’m terrible at the little things that strengthen friendships. For those of you in this category, I hope you know I’m sorry.

More than a few I’ve lost because we fought. Either a little stupid thing or something bigger. I know that I have grown and that I know many times it was my fault. For the times that it wasn’t my fault and was yours, I forgive you and hope you have done the same.

For those who I and the world have lost. I hope you understand that you affected my life, you did some good, even it was just a nice gesture or a smile.

Last and saddest, to all the friends I will lose, I’m sorry and I hope that when you think of me you have fond memories or weird ones. I most certainly have them for you.

To all the friends I have lost or will lose: I love you and miss you.

Be kind and stay safe,


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