Aurora Awards Event


The Aurora Awards are being presented this Saturday! (Tomorrow!)

It will be live streamed on both YouTube and Facebook on August 19th starting at 7pm EDT (5pm MDT, and 4pm PDT). Here are the links:


Facebook: The 2023 Aurora Awards | Facebook (

Here is the itinerary for the evening:

– Opening Segment

– Territorial Acknowledgement

– Introductory Bits about this year’s Celebration

– The Hall of Fame inductees

– The Awards

  1. Fan Related Work
  2. Fan Writing and Publications
  3. Cover Art
  4. Related Work
  5. Poem/Song
  6. Graphic Novel/Comic
  7. Short Story
  8. Novelette/Novella
  9. YA Novel
  10. Novel

A reminder for the categories in which we have been nominated:

  • 2. Fan Writing and Publications (both Jen for Travelling TARDIS and Éric for Movie Reviews)
  • 4. Related Work (Jen’s short story is included in Nothing Without Us Too)

No matter who wins, we are very honoured to have been nominated and we appreciate your support immensely. I hope you enjoyed reading all the books!

Jen and Éric

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