Blush: Recommendation Wednesday

The baby Dragon has been very clingy, which has been limiting my research time, so the post on period blood is going to have to wait until two weeks from now. In the meantime, this awesome and adorable webcomic is my recommendation for today:

Assigned Male webcomic by Sophie Labelle. Image from Sophie's Twitter header.
Assigned Male webcomic by Sophie Labelle. Image from Sophie’s Twitter header.

It’s called Assigned Male, written by Sophie Labelle. You can find the comic on Tumblr, like it on Facebook, follow Sophie on Twitter (@assignedmale), buy stuff from its Etsy shop, support it on Patreon, and eventually, hopefully, find the comic on its website. The website is currently down because of a violent series of death threats and hacking, which you can read about here and here.

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