Database of the Ageless Kings (Serial Story) Part 3.5

Apparently I forgot to write an update for April. So this will be a flashback that happens between part 3 and part 4.

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Part 3.5: No Emu in this one; it’s a flashback

“You can’t live the rest of your life making silly videos. Someday you’re going to have to grow the Quiznak up!”

“That’s not how you use that sister,” Phil looked at his older sister and smirked. She was beat red with indignation.

Giving a loud sound of frustration Samantha took a deep breath from her nose and then said, “You are a Prince of the Ageless Kings, start acting like one.”

Snorting in derision, he replied, “I’m eighth in line. Who cares? You should just relax, you’re fifth in line and both our parents are healthy and ruling. It’s most likely to be Elli’s future kids that get the throne anyways.”

A slow smile crept over her face, “Ageless King is only a title brother, we don’t really live forever.” She stomped off as if she’d won an argument. She’d been like this as long as he’d known her. She was twenty years his senior and had spent most of her life in fosterage in some distant duchy.

“She’s right you know,” Alexia had snuck up on him and he had to fight the urge to jump out of his skin.

“Why are you skulking around here?” Here being the royal ship yards. Phil was filming an in depth look as the construction of his personal ship. His fans would love it.

“Brother. I don’t skulk, I’m just not as noisy, or flashy as most of our siblings.” She was right about that, she was the quietest of the family and that’s why everyone thought she was the new spymaster. “I’ve heard that sister dear may be planning something.” Comments like that made it almost painfully obvious that she was the new spymaster or really wanted to be.

“I don’t care. I’m not a player in this game. I don’t want to know.” He’d done his best to stay out of the power games and ridiculous feuds between his siblings. When he was five, his favourite brother died mysteriously. It brought Phil to eleventh place in line for the throne but made him realize what he’d have to do to get there.

“Just make sure to hug mommy and daddy tonight at dinner. You never know what will happen.” She laughed and disappeared into the shadows. If any of their other siblings had said those words, he’d have reported them to their parents (Regicide was kind of a big deal) but she had removed herself from contention saying she didn’t want the trouble of ruling.

Family dinners were a monthly duty as far as his parents were concerned. All the fosterlings, siblings, and cousins had to attend. There weren’t as many as there should have been. The Ageless Kings procreated like rabbits but died like flies.

Dinner was always a formal and frustratingly pompous event, streamed live to bored people all over the galaxy. He’d once joked that he could get better viewing numbers in his sleep and then proceeded to prove it by filming himself sleep for eight hours.

It was after dinner that was always his favourite time. They’d all move into the large family room and spend time together, playing games, watching vids, or just chatting. The family split into groups and each of the children would be called up to spend time with their parents.

“You look worried. What’s wrong?” his mother asked while sipping on her drink. She looked like an ordinary woman sitting in her high backed chair, not like the ruler of the galaxy.

“I’m worried about Samantha. We argued at the docks and I think she’s planning something.” He felt like a kid tattling.

“I know she is.” His mother smiled and the warmth of it comforted him.


“Your siblings are always planning something. I’m sure whatever she has planned isn’t that bad.”

Hearing his mother talk about it made any worries he had seem distant and silly. His parents were fine and they were going to be there for a long time.

They weren’t, and their deaths less than a year later made Phil paranoid about his siblings. He was convinced one of them had them killed but no one believed him, least of all the newly crowned Ageless King Eli. He didn’t hate his family; he both feared them and feared for them. It got so bad that he moved to another planet and avoided them and any form of politics he could.

Now being held by the young, and pretty, earth woman; he wondered if he should have been more involved. If that meant they’d all still be alive.

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