New Coffee Flavours for Ottawa Comiccon

Hello Coffee Lovers,

We have three new flavours that will be available at Ottawa Comiccon.

  • Beanpool (A mixed roast with Canadian maple and and banana flavouring)
  • Minty Mountain (A medium roast with peppermint flavouring)
  • The Waking Dead (A dark roast without flavouring)

They will exclusively be available at Ottawa Comiccon the 11-13 of May. After that they will be available on our store.

Stay Caffeinated,



A city that has made a name for itself in the geek community recently is Montreal. Not only are tons of movies being filmed in Montreal, but its Comic Con, Otakuthon, and smaller conventions have attracted some big name guests, and they have comic book shops on practically every corner on St Catherine.

And they now have a public Hobbit garden. What could be better?

Montreal's Hobbit garden, picture from
Montreal’s Hobbit garden, picture from

Girls on Games wrote a great article on local hot spots that you should check out, including a bunch of coffee/board game shops, and the Montreal Science Centre.

If you want to see a bunch of film locations from your favourite movies, you have come to the right city. From movies like X-Men: Days of Future Past to Warm Bodies, and tons of others, you can easily hop from one movie set to another. Although there are no touring companies at the moment, I don’t see why there wouldn’t be one in the future. In the meantime, I would love to build a tour for you!

Last but certainly not least, Just For Laughs is based in Montreal. They are definitely worth the time!

There is so much to do and see in Montreal! If you are interested in going, contact me Jennifer Desmarais through AJ Travel.


Thranduil, the Elven King of Mirkwood, does not look impressed with the TARDIS. Thranduil is cosplayed by the fantastic Detailed Illusion. As part of team “Detailed Mess” (cosplaying Fai D. Flowright and Sakura from Tsubasa), he has won the first World Cosplay Summit Canadian preliminaries and will represent Canada along with Miss Messy Mia in WCS 2015 in Japan. His most notable awards in the Masters category were for Best Reinterpretation for his Genderbent Elsa (Costume-Con 32, 2014) and Best in Show for his Thranduil (Pop Expo 2013).


Middle Earth family

Another family with a great theme – this time from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth. I didn’t ask, so I hope I’m not wrong, but this is Bilbo Baggins, Tauriel and Gandalf heading off on an adventure on the TARDIS. I think they would be excellent companions for the Doctor, don’t you?

Sean Astin

Sean Astin was at Ottawa Comic Con this past weekend. He was absolutely amazing! I loved his panel, and I loved talking (briefly) with him when I got his autograph. I asked him “Do you wish ‘The Scouring of the Shire’ had been included in the movie?” He said that a lot of people ask him what he thought should have been included (“[The list] certainly doesn’t include Tom Bombadil!) and that they had to do a lot of sword training for that part of the movie, and then they didn’t even film it! He said that at least he got to fight with a frying pan.

Then I asked if he would be OK if I took a picture with him holding the TARDIS. He was very interested in it and asked me how long it took to make. Totally made my day!

Break and Character Death

Hello Imaginary Friends,

I’ve had an extremely productive day on the day job, and house front, unfortunately not so much on the writing front.

I’m going to take this week off from writing unless things go fantastically with the Galactus sized project I just got at work. It’ll give me some time to plot and prepare. This novel has been going in interesting and fun directions.

I was once again part of Silver Stag Entertainment’s Nights at the Round Table. Check it out.

Character Death

I still need help deciding who will die in my novel. At the moment it’s a three way tie. (I can hear a certain author-friend laughing manically.)

Please vote here!



Thank you.