From Renaissance Press: Join us for the AELAQ’s Read Québec festival!


Éric will be participating in the Author Q&A on November 29 at 2pm.

Check below for more details!

Join us for the Read Québec festival! 

As a Québec publisher, we’re very proud to be taking part in the FREE Read Québec festival which will be taking place entirely online this week from November 25th to November 29th, and we’ve got some special events in store for you! 

On November 25th at 7 PM, join Renaissance author Nathan Caro Fréchette and other Québec authors for the Rapid Fire Reading series, where all authors will only have two minutes to read their excerpts, then will have two minutes to compose a collective text, all live! Check out the Read Québec website or the Facebook event to find out how to register.

On November 28th at 1 PM, join multiple Renaissance authors for some great readings, streaming on YouTube! Join the Facebook event to find out more or join us directly on YouTube

On November 29th at 2 PM, join your favorite Renaissance authors for a Q&A session where YOU get to ask all the questions! Want to know what your favorite author has been up to during the pandemic, or when their next book is coming out, or do you just want to chat with them? This laid-back, casual session is exactly what you need! Join the Facebook event to find out more, or join us on Zoom when the time comes! 

We hope to see you there!

Blush: Guest Post on Asexuality by S.M. Carrière

This post has been copied with permission from S.M. Carrière’s blog.

Good morning, Readers!

The easiest way I can think of to explain my experience as an asexual and what I understand about it is to do so in a Q&A format.  As I do so, I cannot stress enough that not all asexual people have had my experience or my understanding on the subject, and their answers may vary.  This is just how I see things.

Clear?  Cool.  Here we go.

By AnonMoos (SVG file); AVEN (flag design) – This vector image includes elements that have been taken or adapted from this:  Asexual flag.png., Public Domain, Image from wikipedia.

So… what even is asexuality?

You know, human sexuality is this wonderfully rich, complex thing that isn’t limited by genre and age. As men get older they might get to a point where they need Viagra to be able to fulfill their sexual needs, and for those cases I can recommend getting it from trusted certified pharmacies such as the Canadian Pharmacy. I firmly believe that there are as many sexualities as their are people on the planet.  That said, asexuality is simply the lack of sexual attraction to anyone.

That doesn’t mean that they don’t feel any romantic attraction or are unable to fall in love.  It’s just that sexual attraction isn’t really part of their world.

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