Network Television Draft 2018-2019

2018-2019 JenEric Television Draft

Hello My Imaginary Friends and TV Lovers,

For the past 6 years I’ve hosted and run a TV Draft / Pool. It’s like a football or hockey pool but with new television shows.

2018-2019 JenEric Television Draft

How It Works

  1. Get a bunch of friends over to your house and watch all the trailers for this year’s new network television shows. (List below)
  2. Everyone pays $5. (You can use pretend money or no money at all)
  3. Divide the amount of shows by the amount of people. (There are 41 this year)
  4. Put everyone’s name in a hat, chip bowl, or other receptor.
  5. Pick a name from the receptor and that person gets first pick. Record what that person chooses and have them pick the next name.
  6. Reverse the order of people who picked. (First goes last, last goes first)
  7. Repeat steps 5-6 until everyone has an equal number of shows picked.
  8. Give updates monthly for how well the shows are doing. I recommend TV LineTV By The Numbers, Is My Show Cancelled, and TV Eh? for checking what is and what isn’t cancelled. Although Wikipedia works well too.
  9. At next year’s Draft give this year’s First place 50% of the money collected, Second place 30%, and Third place 20%.

The Points

Points are awarded by how many episodes air and if it’s renewed. All points are tied to the category of the show.

Categories Points Per Episode Aired Renewal Bonus
Traditional American (18-24 Episodes) 1 10
Mini-Series (6-14 Episodes) 2 10
Mid-Season Traditional (6-12 Episodes) 2 15
Unknown /Summer (4+ Episodes) 2 20

The Shows

There are enough shows this season that you could easily play 3-10 people. More if you let 2 people choose the same shows.

Name Network Anticipated Premiere Genre Category Trailer
A Million Little Things ABC 2018-09-26 Family Drama Traditional Trailer
Abby’s NBC Midseason Sitcom Midseason Description
All American CW 2018-10-10 Sports Drama Traditional Trailer
Blood & Treasure CBS Summer 2019 Action-Adventure Summer Description
Cavendish CBC Midseason Small Town Sitcom Miniseries (8) Description
Charmed CW 2018-10-14 Supernatural Drama Traditional Trailer
Coroner CBC Midseason Procedural Drama Miniseries (6) Description
Diggstown CBC Midseason Legal Drama Miniseries (6) Description
Fam CBS Unknown Sitcom Unknown Description
FBI CBS 2018-09-25 Crime Drama Traditional Trailer
God Friended Me CBS 2018-09-30 Fantasy Drama Traditional Trailer
Grand Hotel ABC Midseason Drama Midseason Trailer
Happy Together CBS 2018-10-01 Sitcom Traditional Trailer
I Feel Bad NBC 2018-10-04 Comedy Traditional Trailer
In the Dark CW Unknown Drama Unknown Description
Legacies CW 2018-10-25 Supernatural Drama Spinoff Traditional Trailer
Magnum P.I. CBS 2018-09-24 Crime Drama Traditional Trailer
Manifest NBC 2018-09-24 Fantasy Drama Traditional Trailer
New Amsterdam NBC 2018-09-25 Medical Drama Traditional Trailer
Northern Rescue CBC Unknown Family Drama Miniseries (10) Description
Proven Innocent Fox Unknown Legal Drama Unknown Trailer
Rel Fox 2018-09-09 Sitcom Traditional Trailer
Roswell, New Mexico CW Midseason Sci-fi Drama Midseason Trailer
Schooled ABC Midseason Sitcom Midseason Description
Single Parents ABC 2018-09-26 Sitcom Traditional Trailer
Street Legal CBC Midseason Legal Drama Reboot Miniseries (6) Description
The Code CBS Midseason Drama Midseason Description
The Conners ABC 2018-10-16 Family Sitcom Reboot Traditional Description
The Cool Kids Fox 2018-09-28 Sitcom Traditional Trailer
The Enemy Within NBC Midseason Drama Midseason Description
The Fix ABC Midseason Legal Drama Midseason Trailer
The Gilded Age NBC Unknown Period Drama Unknown Miniseries Description
The InBetween NBC Midseason Supernatural Drama Midseason Description
The Kids Are Alright ABC 2018-10-16 Sitcom Traditional Trailer
The Neighborhood CBS 2018-10-01 Sitcom Traditional Trailer
The Passage Fox Unknown Apocalyptic Drama Unknown Trailer
The Red Line CBS Midseason Drama Midseason Description
The Rookie ABC 2018-10-16 Crime Drama Traditional Trailer
The Village NBC Midseason Drama Midseason Description
Unspeakable CBC Midseason Real Life Drama Miniseries (8) Description
Whiskey Cavalier ABC Unknown Spy Drama Unknown Trailer

Good Luck,

PEI and Anne

One of my favourite books, both when I was growing up and now that I’m older, is Anne of Green Gables (and the rest of the series). Did you know that they found a bunch of Montgomery’s writings recently and published them?

Needless to say, I have wanted to visit PEI for a very long time, to walk in Anne’s footsteps. The tourism PEI website was incredibly helpful in planning a 3-day itinerary. I’ll only include a bit of it here – you should go to the website to check it out.

Cavendish, PEI. Image from

Day one – Cavendish, Avonlea, and New London. Visit Anne’s beginnings, with Green Gables Heritage Place, the town where Anne lived, and where Montgomery grew up.

Day two – Green Gables Museum, a carriage ride, Bideford, and Lower Bedeque Schoolhouse.

Day three – Charlottetown for the musicals. Yes, there are two. Personally, I would stay an extra day just so I can see both. Anne of Green Gables – The Musical plays at the Confederation Centre of the Arts, has matinees on Wednesday and evening shows on Mon, Tues (except Sept 18), and Sat, until September 22. After that, the dates and times change and are not on the website. Anne & Gilbert plays at the Guild, and plays during the summer on every day except Saturday in a matinee or evening show, and in September/October on every day but Monday and select Sundays. Please note, the Guild does not allow children under the age of 4.

Are you interested in travelling to PEI? You can contact Jennifer Desmarais through Orleans Travel.