2018 Book Ranking

Hello My Imaginary Friends,

This year I read 28 books, one of which was mine.

I challenged myself this year to only read books from people I’d met or interacted with. It was a great experiment, but I look forward to reading anything I feel like in 2019.

If you enjoy wish fulfillment, mystery, or urban fantasy, check out The Sign of Faust by  Éric Desmarais

5 Stars

4 Stars

3 Stars

What was your favourite book of 2018?


Musings on Psychopathy

I read this article and it made me think and my professions. (I’m stretching the definition of profession here.) Civil Servant is tenth on the list but both Layout Artist and Fiction Writer aren’t. As far as Layout Artist goes, there aren’t that many of us and there could easily be a large amount of Psychopaths in the business.

Fiction writing however isn’t on the list and I don’t think it would be on the top 1000. I could be wrong but every fiction writer I’ve met has a strong empathy and understanding of emotions and others. From my exhaustive research. It seems that “antisocial personality disorder” (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) or “dissocial personality disorder” (World Health Organization) is a condition that limits or prevents someone from being empathic and emotional.

Empathy and emotion are two attributes that every political alignment of author seem to have in spades. Writing a character is intensely empathic, you have to think differently and feel differently. Its can sometime, in extreme cases, cause and author to break down.

I don’t think there are no psychopaths in the fiction writing world but I think it’s they are rare.

If you’re interested in fiction staring a psychopath check out the The John Cleaver Series By Dan Wells. It’s both intense and amazingly well written. The protagonist has to deal with his own Psychopathy and a real psychopath killing people.


What do you make of it? Was your profession on the list?