2018 Book Ranking

Hello My Imaginary Friends,

This year I read 28 books, one of which was mine.

I challenged myself this year to only read books from people I’d met or interacted with. It was a great experiment, but I look forward to reading anything I feel like in 2019.

If you enjoy wish fulfillment, mystery, or urban fantasy, check out The Sign of Faust by  Éric Desmarais

5 Stars

4 Stars

3 Stars

What was your favourite book of 2018?


John Barrowman

“Shall we dance?” asked Jen, holding out the TARDIS.

“Great idea!” replied John Barrowman, pulling Jen tightly against him. “What will you do?” he continued, asking Eric over Jen’s shoulder.

“I will tap Jen on the shoulder, asking to cut in to dance with you.” responded Eric with a cheeky wink.

“Excellent!” laughed John Barrowman.

John Barrowman and us small